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  • Wriggles like a snail under dispensation of salt.
  • The dispensation of justice was his exclusive right.
  • They are not peculiar to one dispensation more than another.
  • But since the dispensation of heart failure, she can not keep them.
  • When we next gather in the room beyond, a new dispensation will have begun.
  • But as we landed I was a witness of a most wonderful dispensation of Allah.

How To Use Dispensation In A Sentence?

  • The nature of religion and morality under the ancient dispensation was the same as under the new.
  • Under his dispensation the town is said to have been turned into a place of debauchery.
  • This awful dispensation of the Almighty contains mysteries which are beyond the discovery of man.
  • If we had the power, we could not wish to reverse this dispensation of the Divine Providence.
  • You will grant a dispensation this day in our honour, my Lord Abbot, will you not?
  • Carnal and spiritual weapons will no more unite under the gospel dispensation than iron and miry clay.
  • He studied the faces of the men who by some mysterious dispensation were allowed to go into the boats.
  • But we could have got a dispensation from them had they been referred to a supreme international and super-diplomatic authority.
  • Will the psychology of the new dispensation find expression through some adaptation of four-dimensional geometry?
  • But under the gospel dispensation we have a new covenant and better promises which are intended to be perfect and everlasting.
  • Their habit is of unmixed frieze, and there is nothing to be asked for as a dispensation in their regular observance.
  • Under the former dispensation literal and temporal things typified spiritual and everlasting things under the latter.
  • We used to think it was a dispensation of Providence if a woman were compelled to undergo an operation.
  • A dispensation of Providence rendered her irritability the means of deciding the whole course of her life.
  • It reveals also a provision for purifying the moral nature; and this in every case accompanies the dispensation of mercy to those who receive it.
  • He would gladly have kept them both if he could, and hailed their presence as a dispensation of Providence.
  • A papal dispensation was more necessary than paternal consent, but that, too, was waived as far as the betrothal was concerned.
  • It reveals, as we have seen, a dispensation of mercy, in accordance with the highest ideas we can form of the divine perfections.
  • Do, my dear friend, remember me and this family in your closet, that this afflicting dispensation may be sanctified to us.
  • That many things have been tolerated under one dispensation of the church and prohibited under another, most Christians allow.
  • One of the kings on one occasion obtained a dispensation from the Pope, absolving him from all obligation to fulfill this compact.
  • The flow of the German dispensation of power or of governmental organization runs downward from the Kaiser.
  • She was his wife, and would forgive; yes, had already forgiven, and granted him a dispensation for the sins against her that he might commit.
  • When the creeping babe is immolated by the savages of the North, is it a dispensation of Providence?
  • In his heart of hearts Washington was led foresee and to believe in the dispensation of Providence which has become the wonder of our time.
  • Don't you see how generally persons of your years are passed over and left in the present remarkable and wonderful dispensation of God's mercy?
  • I may not perform mass because of my mutilation, though I am expecting a dispensation from his Holiness the pope.
  • Under the Old Testament dispensation every one was under strict obligation to give a fixed proportion of his substance for religious purposes.
  • He was too well trained in Christian resignation, however, to repine at what evidently appeared to him the dispensation of Heaven.
  • Still the objection against his goodness, in regard to the dispensation of light, would be no greater than in relation to all the dispensations of his favour.
  • The glory of the old dispensation is the venerable college, whose buildings cluster picturesquely on the green lift of College Hill.
  • There is a peculiar charm in obeying our superiors, when we happen, by some dispensation of Divine Providence, to be exactly of the same mind.
  • The English, indeed, call that famine a dispensation of Providence, and ascribe it entirely to the blight of the potatoes.
  • Whether there are any married twice while the first husbands or wives are living, or who are married to relatives in the degree prohibited, without dispensation from him who can give it.

Definition of Dispensation

The act of dispensing or dealing out; distribution; often used of the distribution of good and evil by God to man, or more generically, of the acts and modes of his administration. | That which is dispensed, dealt out, or appointed; that which is enjoined or bestowed | A system of principles, promises, and rules ordained and administered; scheme; economy; as, the Patriarchal, Mosaic, and Christian dispensations.
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