Dispiriting In A Sentence

How To Use Dispiriting In A Sentence?

  • But this pottering in a few square yards of garden is dispiriting and drivelling.
  • Through the little window the grey, dispiriting light grew brighter as the dawn spread.
  • He sat grimly in the observation car, reviewing a dispiriting landscape set with swamps, razorbacks, buzzards, and niggers.
  • The whole thing was so amazing, and so utterly bewildering, that at times he felt, as he paced that narrow, dispiriting cell, that he must go mad.
  • At present the day was drizzling and chilly, while the huge volumes of smoke from a whole forest of factory chimneys tended to impart a deeper shade of dismalness to the dispiriting landscape.
  • And, too, there was something strangely dispiriting in the combined effects of the black tide and the ominous gloom of the night beneath a heaven hidden by the masses of scurrying clouds.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Dispiriting | Dispiriting Sentence

  • His start had been a dispiriting one.
  • That night the price of cots suffered a dispiriting drop.

Definition of Dispiriting

Lowering the morale of; making despondent or depressive; disheartening. | present participle of dispirit
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