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  • Garth went about his work, displaying no anxiety to treat.
  • How was it that he had an opportunity of displaying his military genius?
  • The priest encouraged the insurgents by displaying the cross.
  • The specimen plant has no chance of displaying itself under such conditions.
  • She was displaying attraction to him since the first time that she saw him.
  • She rose, displaying to its full advantage her supple and stately figure.
  • All the lines of this face were lax, displaying utter lassitude and no energy.
  • A wandering sunbeam took her hair, displaying its amber, translucent quality.
  • Count Holke seems rather proud of his favour, than shy of displaying it.
  • Its Title is "The Displaying of supposed Witchcraft.

How To Use Displaying In A Sentence?

  • He has emphasized compositions in classical vein, his work displaying great technical excellence.
  • She turned the circle around on her finger, displaying a diamond like a search-light.
  • Upon the groaning board lay a vast ham, displaying its concentric circles of pink and white.
  • The green canvas cover had been unfastened, displaying the patent brass lock by the famous maker.
  • As he threw back his head the shirt-front opened, displaying his bare neck and hairy chest.
  • The victor stood aloft, his scarlet cloak flung back, displaying his godlike form.
  • The "hexibition styke" in the window; would that do, queried the proprietor, displaying it.
  • The hand reappeared, displaying in its outspread palm three big, round, brown, British pennies.
  • There's trouble enough in the street without displaying it in a place of amusement.
  • I know no animal capable of displaying more affection than he did, and his temper was the gentlest imaginable.
  • Peter meanwhile wandered round from group to group displaying his wares by the pink light of the lanterns.
  • The only article which might be designated furniture was the stove, and for this the men were frank in displaying their preference.
  • We were struck with the comparative excellence of the singing which accompanied these dances, displaying a considerable amount of culture.
  • Zoro swooped up into the air and after displaying some silly-looking acrobatics, he soared down to the roof tops of the mansion.
  • She stood before the pulpit with her same perfect, set smile, displaying to the utmost the sweet curves of her lips.
  • Many came into his presence with a lion-like boldness and a thundering voice, craving for the honour of displaying supernatural powers.
  • And many comforted themselves by writing him anonymous letters, displaying hell before his eyes, and dealing him vivid damnation.
  • Then this new position which looked the darker for the light she could throw on it, twisted itself in her mind, displaying all its facets.
  • This cone hangs suspended from a strong stem, upon which a leaf unfolds, displaying a cluster of young fruit.
  • But being taken prisoner by the British, he had no opportunity of displaying his military talents for more than two years.
  • It soon filled with buxom women in red, with jackets displaying their figures, or want of figures, down to their waists.
  • The advancing troops rode up to the raised drawbridge, displaying as they came the picturesque costume and swarthy face of the Bohemian marauder.
  • From case to case, then, they went, the host eagerly displaying and explaining, the guest almost as eagerly watching and listening.
  • There the combat was renewed, both sides displaying the greatest obstinacy, until Mahomed received a great wound over his left eye.
  • Clergymen cite this as a corroboration of the fact that all ancient peoples have similar absurd legends displaying their ignorance of nature and consequent superstition.
  • The idea occurred to him to utilize the presence of the many strangers in town to test the possibilities of the place by unpacking and displaying his goods in a store.
  • I had hoped that when we got into the new house we should have plenty of space for displaying the platters, plates, bowls, teapots, etc., etc.
  • He had thus an opportunity of displaying his usual gallantry and coolness, and showing how well he could handle his "Guides" in mountain warfare.
  • But with them it was only an accessory of position, everything was on a foundation of reality, it all represented a substantial wealth displaying itself without effort.
  • Neither will you get an artist, if, on the other hand, this disposition is never given an opportunity for displaying itself and developing its capacities.

Definition of Displaying

present participle of display
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