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  • Margaret classed them and disposed of them.
  • They were by no means disposed to submit.
  • He disposed of his gun and seated himself between them.
  • But I was not disposed to let the favorable chance slip.
  • When she had disposed of McCloud she flew to the kitchen.
  • He cannot be reduced to a symbol nor disposed of by generalizations.
  • The parrot was not disposed to wait for the close of these formalities.
  • Dancing tried to look unconcerned and seemed disposed to be friendly.
  • No one seemed disposed again to mention an unpleasant subject.
  • I have never felt disposed to quarrel with the world for its conduct.
  • I see you're not disposed to give me a place in your Ark.
  • Minna, believe me, is good, and was always disposed to thee kindly.
  • On the morrow we marched early to Naini, and disposed ourselves for battle.
  • In point of fact, Aggie was disposed to like Richard, even before his arrival.
  • The paupers were all disposed to keep holiday in Miranda's honor.
  • Mrs. Wentworth's next observation disposed of this theory also.

How To Use Disposed In A Sentence?

  • But in his own time it came upon ears which were naturally disposed to misconceive it.
  • Gertrude had been sipping admiration and was not disposed to play a passive part in the talk.
  • Yet he never seemed disposed to avail himself of my sympathy other than by mere companionship.
  • She was evidently disposed to abide by her own theory of reviving embers and falling sparks.
  • Whenever a flag of truce was flying, both were disposed to shake hands and exchange favors.
  • Whispering Smith walked into the bedroom and disposed himself in an incredibly short time.
  • In many ways I was disposed to regard the 1909 Budget as a fine piece of statecraft.
  • I am the more disposed to augur well of him from his having been for two years under your admirable guidance.
  • He is always gloomily disposed to lapse into wonderings about what things are coming to, wonderings that have no grain of curiosity.
  • Very soon, even that was packed with as many spectators as the managers felt could be disposed of with safety.
  • Jolly disposed of just eleven of the attractive little miniature domiciles, distributed poles later to each purchaser and rejoined the boys.
  • Kellermann, however, quickly disposed a battery so as to return the fire, and the battle was restored on that side.
  • I was rather disposed to wait and see who would join my little girl with her wild eyes, and my serene young lady.
  • True to his theory, the savages concluded that the gold, being of slight value, must be disposed of first.
  • Pennroyal, on the other hand, was not disposed to wait quietly to be attacked; he came out to meet the enemy half way.
  • In Crete, where he has been for several years, he is respected and loved by all well disposed people.
  • He was spontaneous, genial, boyish almost, and she never had felt so kindly disposed toward him nor so tolerant of his failings.
  • These are a few of the objections which we think may be justly made; and, on the whole, we feel strongly disposed to reject the whole story.
  • Mr. Hume has disposed of the question concerning liberty and necessity, by the application of his celebrated theory of cause and effect.
  • One of the combatants was disposed of, but whether friend or foe Wolfert could not tell, nor whether they might not both be foes.
  • Such was the early treatment of a heart, which, if I am judge of it at all, was naturally disposed to the extremes of tenderness and affection.
  • Someone who was certainly not very friendly disposed had seen me and my companion start for our fishing ground, and had made the most of their knowledge.
  • At the end of the last page he enlightened her, and disposed of the affair with Eduard Desmond in two sentences.
  • Endeavouring to fulfil her intention by first driving off the large dog, he gave her plainly to understand that he was not at all disposed to relinquish his post.

Definition of Disposed

Inclined; minded. | (in combination) Having a certain disposition. | (obsolete) Inclined to mirth; jolly.

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