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  • The most trifling external conditions gave him disproportionate pleasure or pain.
  • It was a lumbering structure of great width and of strangely disproportionate length.
  • He had been guilty of a passionate attachment to a young lady of disproportionate expectations.
  • Ultimately they were driven by the Nationalists across China, but at most disproportionate cost.
  • There was something shockingly disproportionate in the capacity to spend by city people and those on farms.
  • And with that the old fellow waddled off with a speed that seemed quite disproportionate to his years.
  • They have the typical characters of vermin; unproductive activity combined with disproportionate destructiveness.
  • The structure which threatened even to overshadow the land in its ascending greatness has not risen to a disproportionate size.
  • His clear tones were vibrant with disproportionate elation at the prospect of a diversion of the painful interest of the scene.
  • An elderly woman has been troubled her life long by a disproportionate fear of thunderstorms with almost hysterical symptoms.
  • He hardly knew why it was so ugly an idea, but it affected his imagination in a dark and disproportionate fashion.
  • The space gained by this means for the accommodation of the guests is totally disproportionate to the discomfort thereby entailed upon them.
  • In our first eagerness to conform to custom, we both overshot the mark, and grabbed at disproportionate helpings.
  • His pithy reference to the feeling in the regiment touched my vanity on its weak spot, and gave me quite disproportionate pleasure.
  • Thus the question of "finish" has attained disproportionate importance, but must be respected when preparing rubber for sale.
  • Of course Holland was unable to resist such an overwhelming tide of enemies, such vast and disproportionate forces.
  • At all events this rather disproportionate marriage was early proposed to the council of the Bakufu, and after some discussion accepted.
  • The Recollects resigned themselves to this disproportionate change, since the exertions made to avoid it availed nothing.
  • Clydesdale betrayed an eagerness quite disproportionate to the occasion when Max Vavasour summoned him to the encounter.
  • Only it is for the State to estimate them, for the State to verify if the needs are not disproportionate to the work.
  • The fact remains that, despite the attraction of the scent, the Flesh-fly does not expose her worms to disproportionate falls.
  • The Kachin women are as stunted as the Japanese, and are disfigured with the same disproportionate shortness of legs.
  • And yet we do not speak of them as patients because their disproportionate mental features may be sufficiently corrected by other mental states which are perhaps more strongly developed.
  • Unfortunately, even with our most perfected methods, the production of light is accompanied by the exertion of a disproportionate amount of wasted energy.
  • I decided to make the somewhat disproportionate sacrifice of time in order to study whether even such an extreme case of morphinism is accessible to psychotherapeutic treatment.
  • The great height of his lodger, the disproportionate breadth of his shoulders, and the strange particulars of his instalment, all pointed to the same conclusion.
  • The hall was a long room whose length was disproportionate to its width, and whose vaulted roof was blackened by the smoke of the fire which burned in its centre.
  • Some of them are attempting to maintain college classes for less than 5 per cent of their enrollment, and the teaching force gives a disproportionate share of time to such students.
  • Had the white population of the south been at the time as disproportionate to the black as it was in Hayti in 1794, it would also have been massacred.
  • The states in which slavery is prohibited ultimately, though with reluctance, acquiesced in the disproportionate number of representatives and electors that was secured to the slaveholding states.
  • I didn't quite see why, but I did realize that to a man in Cayley's position the smallest clue would have an entirely disproportionate value.
  • First there is his magnificent contribution to religion and world-modifying influences, so wonderfully disproportionate to his national importance; then there is the marvellous persistency of his racial continuity.
  • The distinctive mark of aristocratic nations, is, a disregard of the great mass, and a disproportionate regard for the interests of certain privileged orders.
  • My reason for wanting this improvement is, that the legs get loose so quickly from the wearing away of brass, and that the many small surfaces in contact are too disproportionate to their length.
  • When it is possible to do so, an albatross should be mounted with wings, outspread, to reveal to the student their enormous length, and the disproportionate shortness of the primaries and secondaries.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Disproportionate | Disproportionate Sentence

  • Hurt vanity played a disproportionate part in this crisis.
  • Ingens: unusually large or disproportionate in size.
  • His losses were terribly disproportionate to his temporary advantage.
  • I know not what melancholy sentiment, because it is disproportionate to us.
  • W stands for the Worshipping Few, X their Xtreme disproportionate view.

Definition of Disproportionate

Not proportionate. | Out of proportion. | (chemistry) To undergo disproportionation
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