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  • He disregarded this entirely.
  • She disregarded the chair he proffered.
  • Curtis disregarded a perceptible coldness in her tone.
  • She disregarded the sting, and went on.
  • Dogs were not always disregarded in the East.
  • The others disregarded him, plunging toward the Cory house.
  • The influence of habit should not be disregarded in the removal of disease.
  • His clothes were damp and clung to him, but he disregarded that.
  • The ordinary courtesies of life, disregarded at school, have some sway.
  • He disregarded it, until he had made sure Natalie was not there.
  • Monmouth wearily waved him to a seat; but Grey disregarded the command.
  • Dane disregarded the last question, for Lilian laid her hand in his.
  • I disregarded the questions in their glances; I had what I wanted.
  • But Lelha was determined, and disregarded his father's command.

How To Use Disregarded In A Sentence?

  • Sheila disregarded the lace and ribbons with a sigh of relief and took to making rompers.
  • Though but a hundred yards or so distant, he contemptuously disregarded their arrival.
  • Then, as the pirates disregarded this and still came on, he ordered them again to fall back.
  • But with all this labour, Wills never disregarded the commoner duties and virtues of life.
  • The volume of the water in the liquid state is so small that it may be disregarded in the calculations.
  • It is not only the diseased body which is to be disregarded and put out of mind, but all hygienic precautions.
  • I disregarded an annoying tendency to feel dizzy that came over me and was very careful in managing my voice.
  • Whoever disregarded it became an outcast and incurred risks and dangers too grave to be lightly faced.
  • We shipped about an inch of water and sat in it for the rest of the time, an inconvenience she disregarded heroically.
  • But all exceptions were disregarded in cases of contumacy, or of a person being taken in the actual commission of an offence.
  • The volume occupied by the water formed by the union of the two gases is so small that it may be disregarded in the calculation.
  • Honouring, therefore the forms that his intelligence and his conscience allowed him to honour, he disregarded those that they did not.
  • In short, does it not appear that these conventionalities are irksome, and are disregarded when the chance presents itself?
  • If we children spoke to the slaves harshly or disregarded their feelings, we were promptly checked and reprimanded by our parents.
  • But whether he withheld his dictum, or it was disregarded by the others, no influence of his can be detected in the literature of the epoch.
  • What may be the bounds of its possibility none can imagine, for law is not abrogated nor designs disregarded as we ascend into higher realms.
  • Grip, brought on by overwork, had evidently taken a disregarded hold some time before, and must be reckoned with now.
  • The 'intellectuals,' being few and weak, may be safely rebuffed or disregarded until their discoveries are thoroughly popularised.
  • But Harboro was not squeamish, nor did he entertain slavish thoughts of how people would feel over a disregarded custom.
  • You have disregarded the two Bestenese and their crow, and you have disregarded my vision of the mons, as being omens of our destruction.
  • Few of the Professors even went through the form of lecturing, and the statutory obligation of attendance was wholly disregarded by the students.
  • The priests disregarded it and telegraphed to the Government at Madrid, who reversed the order.
  • He had disregarded the wise counsels of his brethren, who had warned him not to depend too much on his own powers, but seek the aid of God.
  • Here, it will be noticed, "such" is used as a pronoun, a delightful flower of speech not to be disregarded by authors who would fail.
  • It brought before their minds the fact that the law, though much disregarded and sadly dilatory, did sometimes, as if unawares, uphold the right.
  • His brain was so busy over these discoveries that he disregarded the really remarkable way in which the object of his visit had been shelved for the moment.

Definition of Disregarded

ignored | neglected | simple past tense and past participle of disregard
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