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  • Writers who disseminate erroneous views.
  • To disseminate the literature of labor and co-operation. IV.

How To Use Disseminate In A Sentence?

  • Its aim is to disseminate correct information with regard to all matters, public and private.
  • If they had the power of speech they would go around as humans do and disseminate unpleasant topics, as idle winds start thistle pollen.
  • To do her justice, dislike to Mona has so warped her judgment that she almost believes in the evil she seeks to disseminate about her.
  • Those iron evangelists would thus be able to disseminate vital religion and Gospel truth in quarters inaccessible to the ordinary missionary.
  • The Muhammadans, including all the true Malay inhabitants, do not make any concerted effort to disseminate the doctrines of their faith.
  • The duty of this committee was to disseminate intelligence upon the issues of the day, notably the system of taxation which the mother-country was trying to impose upon the colonies.
  • They have been fully justified because every association for mutual instruction adds something to the mass of political intelligence, does something to disseminate ideas, but that is all that can be said for them.
  • It must be kept in mind that many animals may be infected with tubercle bacilli and therefore have tuberculosis in the incipient stages, without their being able to disseminate the disease to others.
  • As soon as Ursule lost sight of the abbe she went down into the village to disseminate the news, and also to buy the things needed for the breakfast.

Definition of Disseminate

(transitive) To sow and scatter principles, ideas, opinions, etc, or concrete things, for growth and propagation, like seeds. | (intransitive) To become widespread.
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