Dissimilarity In A Sentence

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  • There was a world-wide dissimilarity between her views and his.
  • The dissimilarity is yet more marked in the preparations for the nymphosis.
  • A marked dissimilarity might also have an important bearing upon the case.
  • Andes, dissimilarity of the fauna on the opposite sides of the, 146.
  • The dissimilarity or contrast in St. Paul's idea.
  • He observes the dissimilarity of BERTHE'S case.

How To Use Dissimilarity In A Sentence?

  • But we have every gradation of sexual colours from total dissimilarity to perfect identity.
  • Sitting by her side under the electric light in the car, he had been more than ever conscious of the dissimilarity of their views of life.
  • She and her master were in a way betrothed, but a certain dissimilarity of temperament and interests prevented them from marrying.
  • This mutual kindness continued even after they left the school, notwithstanding the dissimilarity of their characters.
  • It must be remembered, however, that there are points of striking dissimilarity between the duties of the consuls of these two countries.
  • There was the similarity of facial expression, in infinite dissimilarity of feature, which marks a common sentiment, origin, and habitat.
  • In personal appearance, voice, gesture and general platform style, nothing could exceed the dissimilarity of these two speakers.
  • There may have been no evolution or relationship between them; but no person is competent to decide from a mere inspection or by reason of dissimilarity that there was not.
  • The ties of a school friendship thus renewed were soon drawn closer than ever by the similarity of their lot in life and the dissimilarity of their characters.
  • I demur to a certain extent to amount of sterility and structural dissimilarity necessarily going together, except indirectly and by no means strictly.
  • For, even if you wish to grant an entire dissimilarity of purpose, one of these huge institutions has more than one point of similarity with an army.
  • He was impressed again as he already had been with the difference merely in size between these western hills and the Berkshires, let alone the vast dissimilarity in their contour.

Definition of Dissimilarity

Lack of similarity or lack of likeness in appearance to something else.
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