Distance And In A Sentence

How To Use Distance And In A Sentence?

  • I learned to accommodate my voice to all the varieties of distance and direction.
  • You can all retire to a distance and remain in profound ignorance of any such affair.
  • There was a wonderful sentiment of distance and atmosphere about the day and the place.
  • Here they saluted the ladies from a distance and went out as soon as they could.
  • He was binding faggots together at some distance and had not the strength to regain his home.
  • I told my men that we would go off to a distance and wait there during the night.
  • He left most of his men at some distance, and presented himself attended by only a few.
  • Can the sense of smell measure the distance and judge whether it be acceptable or not?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Distance And | Distance And Sentence

  • It is so in distance and magnitude.
  • It was a farther distance and they were grouping.
  • Dials to mark our distance and our size.
  • Distance and geography no longer mattered!
  • At a distance and in the moonlight it looked handsome.
  • Let us all keep our distance and do our work.
  • Once we saw a fisherman at a distance and we yelled to him.
  • The command moved out a short distance and then halted.
  • They pursued for some distance, and then halted.
  • They could run a great distance and not be weary.
  • How small the distance, and yet how great!
  • He saw a little fire at a distance and went to get it.
  • The two thoughts that overwhelm us are distance and power.
  • He ran up the creek a distance, and back again.
  • Yasmini looked lovely from a distance, and life was sweet.
  • I saw her at a distance, and I want to meet her.
  • She stood off at a little distance and studied herself in the mirror.
  • They throw it from a great distance and with fatal precision.
  • Probably they heard the shooting in the distance and gave chase.
  • Think of the immense distance and the two atmospheres to penetrate!
  • All were at a considerable distance and none appeared to be coming my way.
  • This was at some distance, and opened out of the breakfast room.
  • It should then be drawn back a short distance and roasted slowly.
  • It would be impossible to tramp that distance and pack the supplies.
  • I saw your lights in the distance and cut across some fields.
  • We walked aside a little distance, and consulted about what we should do.
  • All this means waste of distance and of rowing energy on the part of the crew.
  • I saw her at a favorable distance, and she looked beautiful.
  • We found the sand pumped the water only a short distance and then stopped.
  • Brucco stopped at a safe distance and kept looking steadily at the stingwing.
  • One lady put herself at a safe distance and then bowed with much cordiality.
  • All else was distance and vastness void of life and utter loneliness.
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