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  • Rent of distillery do.
  • They returned for a final visit to the distillery awed by what they had seen.
  • That was one of the distillery people; he'd remember the name in a moment.

How To Use Distillery In A Sentence?

  • But we can do widout his water supply, sorr, having a private distillery uv our own.
  • A local distillery has contributed nobly to the city's reputation for progress.
  • Wherever there is danger there is defence, a poison means an antidote and the distillery and the rattlesnake go hand in hand.
  • This International Distillery was built and in full operation before the amendment of 1884 was enacted.
  • As for the truth of it, I might as well have said that it was like the sound of a rum distillery running a night shift on half time.
  • We can tell by the shut-down endorsements on brewery and distillery policies and by the increasing losses on saloons whose owners can make no further profit.
  • I used to pass a distillery warehouse on my way to school twice a day, and the smell of whisky-barrels was part of my early education; so I knew.
  • On this subject it is not necessary I should say much, as every individual employed about a distillery must have some knowledge of the value of life and property.
  • Profits arising from a distillery with two common stills, one containing 110 gallons, and one containing 65 gallons that is well conducted for 10 months.

Definition of Distillery

A place where distillation takes place, especially the distillation of alcoholic spirits. | A company that distills alcohol. | The process of distilling alcohol.
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