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  • I have said little in this address on what is called its distinctively religious side.
  • What might be distinctively called revelation was the product, or out-put of inspiration.
  • The plaster-work of this room is said to be distinctively Persian and is very charming.
  • They belong distinctively to the class of widows, who held a position of honor in the Church.
  • Gaius, writing under the Antonines, describes the institution as distinctively Roman.
  • What is distinctively known as "Faith Cure" has little in common with those before named.
  • Also that the origins of Celtic Christendom contained distinctively Greek elements.
  • But the book of the Revelation is distinctively the prophetic book of the New Testament.
  • Schumann is never distinctively the lyric composer; his imagination had too broad and majestic a wing.
  • Alice's golden head became more distinctively visible as she stood erect upon the boulder.
  • We emerge completely from the quietude and piety of these individualists when we come to a group of men who were distinctively political poets.
  • The difficulty of real understanding intensifies in proportion as the man is distinctively manly, and the woman womanly.
  • The other Scranton company was perhaps more distinctively peculiar in its personnel than either of the other companies.
  • I should be sorry if I had allowed the higher mathematics to kill out in me the most distinctively womanly faculty.
  • Of the numerous processes described in this work there are two which I must mention as being distinctively and particularly my own.
  • Strictly enforce the rules which Christian prudence lays down for the use of means and attractions not distinctively religious.
  • These are of a distinctively inferior type, are rapidly diminishing in numbers, and seem to many observers incapable of civilization.
  • The city, together with its environs, was converted into a federal district and became solely and distinctively the national capital.
  • He was tall, erect, with a frame denoting great physical strength, and he had distinctively a military bearing.
  • It is significant that the book that clearly is distinctively a Church book is taken up chiefly with a description of that future persecution.
  • The very fact that the Indian path was not very much shorter than the first state road shows that it was distinctively a utilitarian course.
  • The gradual disappearance of the distinctively English population did not pass unnoticed in England.
  • My own list of loanwords bears a distinctively Norse stamp, as I shall show in Part III.
  • Shanghai is distinctively a commercial city, with a flat location, no background, and an artificial foreground of solid rows of business buildings.
  • The outstanding feature about this early Indian nationalism was that it was a distinctively Hindu movement.
  • Their pure style, graceful and delicate humor, and the vast range of culture and observation, give them a distinctively personal characteristic.
  • The mountain became distinctively the property of Jinnosuke and his youthful companions, whose whole sport was devoted to mimic warfare.
  • He may be free from nature, and yet be ruled by God, or by distinctively spiritual causes, such as ideas or character.

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  • This is a distinctively human way of depressing the young.
  • He is distinctively Chinese in his training and outlook.
  • There are not very many dishes distinctively Florentine.
  • Meaning distinctively W. Scand.
  • His lyrics have a charm and grace of melody distinctively their own.
  • Dampier's time was distinctively an intermediate period.
  • Forman is one of the most distinctively romantic writers of to-day.
  • It need not be distinctively religious, only free from vicious associations.
  • His rebuke to Montesquieu is still more distinctively modern.
  • This doctrine of recognition is distinctively an American doctrine.
  • The humorous ghost is not only modern, but he is distinctively American.
  • The usage in Sco. is distinctively Norse and the vowel is the Norse vowel.

Definition of Distinctively

In a distinctive manner; in a way that is notable for its difference.
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