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How To Use Distorted In A Sentence?

  • The danger of mistaking distorted for exalted views of the divine sovereignty.
  • The glass through which he looks into the spiritual world is clouded and gives a distorted vision.
  • Levasseur was in the study a few yards away from him, standing with a distorted and livid face.
  • Then he began to see what was all round about him again, see it distorted by his mad remorse.
  • The deepening gloom gave all objects in the river valley a weird, distorted look.
  • He had never, for example, failed to recognize a voice even distorted over telephone wires.
  • Section V. The danger of mistaking distorted for exalted views of the divine sovereignty.
  • Under this idea the noble form of the lion may have been distorted to resemble the wild cat in the fury of its contortions.
  • It was true it was much distorted and discoloured; evidently the poor wretch had been in the water for days.
  • But for these two things it would have been impossible to identify him, as the face is distorted and swollen beyond all recognition.
  • It was one of those hot dry days in summer, when all the air is quivering and all things are distorted by the mirage.
  • The ranger was resting comfortably in bed, though his arm was badly swollen and his face was distorted with pain.
  • Our utmost exertions may thus end, not in exalted, but in distorted views of the divine sovereignty.
  • I have forgotten the corpses I met in the roads or in the fields with their grinning faces and their distorted attitudes.
  • He saw it and stared at the distorted shape of the hooded head, then slowly screwed his neck round and looked upwards behind him.
  • In the centre of the circular drive, invaded by concrete, a white heron poured a stream of melting ice from a distorted throat.
  • In fact, Elmore's regret did reflect a monstrous and distorted image of his conduct.
  • It may have been her distorted fancy, but down the long perspective, that figure looked more mincing, more waspish, more unreal than ever.
  • Through the glass door Rosario was plainly visible, his sleekness ruffled, his white face distorted with terror.
  • In a few minutes he held up by its fair tresses the head of my beautiful rival; I looked at the distorted features, and was satisfied.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Distorted | Distorted Sentence

  • Swimming in and out of his distorted vision was a face.
  • Their faces were distorted with a sort of grimace.
  • A mad anguish distorted her features.
  • Her face was distorted with rage and hate.
  • She challenged him with white and distorted face.
  • Intrigue ran in her blood and distorted her perceptions.
  • It distorted their faces and set their legs quivering.
  • It was no fancy, no distorted figment of a dream.
  • Jerry turned to him, his face distorted with rage and fear.
  • And by the distorted expression of his livid face they all knew he meant it.
  • The sodden condition of his imagination distorted his sense of proportion.
  • Her distorted countenance exhibited the agonies she must have suffered.
  • He started back in fright before the snarling distorted visage.
  • With an oath he turned and glared at her, with distorted features.
  • The author's view is evidently distorted by biographer's myopia.
  • In the doorway stood Judas, pale and with a distorted smile on his face.
  • David was tall, with distorted features, rough, furious, cruel.
  • Natural and Distorted Spines, 81 12.
  • Collie's perspective was distorted through sudden disappointment.
  • Monty resumed: "And there lay the rider, distorted and pale.

Definition of Distorted

simple past tense and past participle of distort
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