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  • And but distracts my brain.
  • It is the snake's nature of the girl which distracts him; she is in his blood.

How To Use Distracts In A Sentence?

  • Is it a glimpse of their little white caps that distracts the celebrant of the Mass?
  • It distracts me; twice I have failed to hear the captain and have been reprimanded.
  • If I go to see a man, it distracts me to have to talk and it distracts me to hear him talking.
  • This not only wastes your time, but distracts the attention of the audience from your attack or reply.
  • A flickering light distracts the attention and causes fatigue, whether we have consciously noticed it or not.
  • His violence makes one feel that one is reading under a shower of brickbats, and it is the effort of dodging these which perhaps distracts the mind from his message.
  • The old Cheshire, everywhere in evidence with its timber-and-plaster houses, distracts the mind from this new industrial Cheshire.
  • An airman is accustomed to the full roar of his engine, and it never distracts his attention, any more than the noise of a waterfall distracts those who live near it.
  • I was about to return to my literary review, but my attention was distracted by a female voice which rang in my ears; anything of the feminine gender always distracts my attention.
  • But it distracts me to hear you talking of far-away things; it makes me feel that there is something else besides my entrance; it prevents me from giving way to the blues.

Definition of Distracts

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of distract
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