Distrait In A Sentence

Definition of Distrait

absent-minded, troubled, distracted

How To Use Distrait In A Sentence?

  • He found that worthy a little distrait and far from any desire to do big business.
  • She did not like being spoken to outside the college, and was also distrait about her basket.
  • He advised him to appear distrait and inattentive, so as not to detect and disturb her in the hatching of her secret plan.
  • He had then retired to his outer fastness, yielding further details jerkily and with the distrait air of one whose mind is elsewhere.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Distrait | Distrait Sentence

  • He was distrait and almost morose.
  • During the visit he was distrait and embarrassed.
  • Que voulez-vous? on devient distrait en vieillissant.
  • Alexis, a souvent distrait mes regards et occupé ma pensée pendant la prière.

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