Distresses In A Sentence

Definition of Distresses

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of distress | plural of distress

How To Use Distresses In A Sentence?

  • This is one of the distresses to which mortals subject themselves by the pride of speculation.
  • Tribulations, distresses and all that goes with it are in the world on account of sin.
  • There is, on the contrary, an appearance of constraint about him that affects and distresses you.
  • In 1647, the distresses of the royal family required him to engage in more dangerous employments.
  • There are enough real distresses and evils in wait for every one to try the most vigorous health.
  • The very description is painful, because the possibility of recovery distresses me....
  • But, how much soever his conduct deserved censure, his distresses entitled him to pity.
  • In these distresses Molly served him well, for she at least was universally loved.
  • In the midst of his distresses his attention is directed to a "Next of Kin" advertisement.
  • Except indeed that at that time his old age was as improbable as his distresses were certain if he did live so long.
  • The existing distresses could not be truly ascribed to any sudden transition from war to peace.
  • When there are no great distresses to be endured or accounted for, complaint and fault-finding are not so often evoked.
  • A dreary tossing on the bed of existence, a perpetual fear of consequences that perpetually distresses them.
  • Love haz a most vorashus appetight, but a poor digestion, what it feeds on most alwus distresses it.
  • The happy man scarcely believes in misfortune, and often accuses him whose distresses he has caused.
  • The minister being no longer bowed down by the temporal distresses of his people, applied himself cheerfully to his own part of the weight.
  • Perhaps, on this account, the present distresses of this nation are a fortunate thing though so horrid in their experience.
  • And if his distresses failed to diminish his joy in the very fact of living, even less did they affect his powers of work.
  • Our distresses were now very great, and we were so covered with rain and salt water, that we could scarcely see.
  • Strange to relate, he has not one word of the casting out of devils, or of the cures of bodily distresses mentioned by the other three.
  • I abuse her because she distresses me by her misfortunes and instead of my getting anything out of her, I go out to her.
  • Many a weary mother has been pained by hearing complaints of a fretful child, whose crying most probably distresses her more than any one else.
  • They became zealous patronesses, unwearied proselytisers, and trustworthy confidants, and helpers in the distresses of others.
  • If then you come across any word which offends your chaste ears, any picture which distresses your modest eye, blame only your own curiosity.
  • Do you think I will rob you of the gift sent you by some one who had a human heart for the distresses I was aggravating?
  • Our distresses being at an end, I now determined to rest the men in camp and give the scientific department of the Expedition a chance.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Distresses | Distresses Sentence

  • His affection distresses me.
  • It distresses me to hear you.
  • The storm distresses him too.
  • His distresses effected it.
  • I have suffered many distresses in my time!
  • He sees now, and it is that, which distresses me.
  • It distresses me that at such a time as this my sensations are so acute.
  • The burthens and distresses must still remain what they were before.
  • Her heart always rose to meet its distresses at once, and steadily.
  • And I can imagine how all this upset and discomfort distresses you.
  • Benevolence towards the Distresses of others 69 2.
  • But to return to Miss Wildenheim: what is it that distresses her?
  • However, since it distresses you so, we won't say any more about it now.
  • Lord Bellingham's distresses were not alleviated by domestic comfort.

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