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  • Rose distributed them over the room.
  • He has done more than distributed a line of computer code.
  • Already invoices were being distributed and orders entered up.

How To Use Distributed In A Sentence?

  • Is it not because these metals are distributed in the world in different proportions?
  • They distributed their hospitals and their ambulances according to the needs of the occasion.
  • If the marvelous fluid is unequally distributed through the system, catalepsy ensues.
  • Some tobacco has come up, and has been distributed among the troops, to their great satisfaction.
  • Poles from Zanzibar have been distributed for a telegraph line from Mohammerah to Ahwaz.
  • All of the extra weight must be carried on the engine section and not distributed over the wings.
  • All but two of the resulting seedlings were distributed to friends and relatives living in the countryside.
  • Perhaps no other great invention of man has been within so short a period so widely distributed as the telephone.
  • In some cases the acid is distributed from a sprinkling can, but this is a refinement which experience shows to be unnecessary.
  • At the same time a large amount of frozen meat and fish is brought in and distributed among the guests.
  • Having distributed a portion through the car, he passes into the next car, and so through the train.
  • Let the money be distributed among the poor, and let them each have fifty bastinadoes on the soles of the feet.
  • When the weighing was over he stept calmly from the scales, and the gold and silver were distributed amongst the crowd.
  • How could eight persons have distributed this food, even if the ark had been large enough to hold it?
  • By their social system the intellectual treasures of the race had been distributed among the whole people, and committed to their care.
  • They were distributed in lots of 50 trees, and used to establish 1/4-acre demonstration forest plots.
  • Jolly disposed of just eleven of the attractive little miniature domiciles, distributed poles later to each purchaser and rejoined the boys.
  • Every effort is made to render them easily transportable; the long girder frame by which the weight is distributed is made to take to pieces.
  • The house-commissary distributed the food and acted as agent representing the house in all communications with Confederate headquarters.
  • This occurs in the lungs, where there are great numbers of air cells, in the walls of which the blood-vessels are distributed in great profusion.
  • A group of urchins, stationed at the door, distributed handbills to the curious, containing the same announcement in bold type.
  • Iron, which is very widely distributed in the British islands, is invariably smelted wherever it occurs.
  • The bushels of unripe apples she had picked up there, and distributed among his pigs, till he had scolded her for giving them so much green trash.
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  • He seemed, indeed, to be like one who distributed a sacramental meat to an intent throng; not a giver of pleasure, but a channel of secret grace.
  • Carlota, Rosario and Alice now came in, and soon the contents of the wardrobe were distributed all over the room.
  • Where will Coroticus and his wicked rebels against Christ find themselves when they shall see rewards distributed amongst the baptized women?
  • They were distributed through the year as follows: winter 1,711, spring 2,475, summer 2,703, fall 1,951.
  • From E the gas passes into the large gas holder F, from which it is distributed through pipes to the places where it is burned.
  • During the dry season the animals must be distributed over the different villages in the Island, some also being sent to Carsel.
  • These proceedings gravely annoyed the Customs officers distributed in the little straw-littered watch-huts that line the Normandy coast.
  • Catkins from the Asiatic walnuts were kept fresh and distributed throughout two Persian walnut trees and by mid-afternoon a heavy rain came.
  • Calling males were distributed around the pond, where they called from low herbaceous vegetation at the edge of the pond or from plants rising above the water.
  • Main canals leading from the streams and intersected by short canals extend in all directions through the fields and orchards, and are distributed in various ways.
  • Gid Mackall embraced the opportunity to cook for himself a savory stew with some onions distributed by the Sanitary Commission.
  • Even if such material is distributed more or less over the body instead of being confined to the reproductive glands, as some believe, the difficulty is hardly lessened.
  • The great titmouse is almost as generally distributed as the robin, and in gardens never a stranger, being busy most of its time looking for insects.

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simple past tense and past participle of distribute
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