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  • Money was distributed to everyone for the journey.
  • What vessels are distributed to the coats of the veins?
  • This fluid is distributed to every part of the system.
  • But their work can be created for pennies and distributed to millions.
  • Food was abundant, and arms were distributed to those who needed them.
  • Jackson called a halt and ordered rations to be distributed to the men.
  • It is intended to have this bulletin distributed to members four times a year.
  • The prizes were distributed to the scholars on Tuesday, December 27th, 1887.

How To Use Distributed To In A Sentence?

  • These nerves are distributed to the fibres of the five hundred muscles of the body.
  • The ramifications of the hepatic artery distributed to this cellular envelope; 3.
  • This is where the food is really absorbed, taken up into the blood, and distributed to the body.
  • The muscles of fishes are large, and the nerves distributed to them, comparatively small.
  • St. Eloi died in 659, and was himself distributed to the faithful in quite a wholesale way.
  • From thence, our rice, particularly, has been distributed to France and other parts of Europe.
  • In the morning of this day the provisions were distributed to the troops and in the afternoon we set out.
  • They were also distributed to many merchants and manufacturers who had been loyal to the government.
  • All but two of the resulting seedlings were distributed to friends and relatives living in the countryside.
  • If the nerves are divided which are distributed to any organ, the process of secretion is suspended.
  • Some thousand shiploads of chronometers were distributed to the selectmen and other great folks of all the different nations.
  • The creation of the first manuscript still was, but now it could be replicated and distributed to everyone.
  • The letters and other figures indicate minor nervous filaments distributed to the various muscles and the skin.
  • It connects with the ninth and tenth pairs of nerves, and is distributed to the muscles about the neck.
  • It is distributed to the mucous membrane of the tongue and throat, and also to the mucous glands of the mouth.
  • Finally, presents having been distributed to them, they returned to their village on the opposite side of the river.
  • Before population can be re-distributed to the advantage of town and country alike, this difficulty must be overcome.
  • Several copies of this medal were made both in bronze and silver, and distributed to public bodies and distinguished individuals.
  • From this plexus five nerves proceed, that are distributed to the muscles and skin of the hip and lower extremities.
  • They were all shockingly emaciated, having sustained life on a few ounces of rice and a few gills of water daily distributed to them.
  • This he opened after he had resumed his seat, and distributed to each of the party a bread and butter sandwich and two or three cookies.
  • He had a discouraging time even in getting his few general orders distributed to the American troops.
  • Such a form of planned distribution pre-supposes the subordination of those distributed to the economic plan of the State.
  • It was the will of their prince; and besides, excellent woollen coats and leather shoes, were distributed to the neophytes.
  • When the time has arrived a subject is assigned, and small papers are distributed to the whole school, that all may write something concerning it.
  • According to ancient usage, barrels of sweet beer and hydromel were brewed; white bread and meat were distributed to the whole village.
  • The fifth pair of nerves (fig. 126) is distributed to the parts of the face on which the seventh pair ramifies.
  • To-morrow before break of day those arms were to have been distributed to a Muscovite mob rendered valiant by copious supplies of vodka.
  • Jean Cornbutte, to avert danger of the scurvy, distributed to each of the party a few drops of lemon-juice.
  • It was finally placed on a car decorated with ribbons and evergreens, drawn through the streets by eight oxen, cut up, and distributed to the poor.
  • It gives copyright owners a new intellectual property right to "turn off fair use" in copyrighted works distributed to the mass market.
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