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  • Matters in Khyber district much less satisfactory.
  • There is a district for the Sangleys, who form a Parian.
  • Weekly Wages in the Manchester and District Cotton Trade.
  • A certain warren house in this district affords a typical case.
  • It shows a sort of rough outline of the upper lake district here.
  • A peaceful farming district was devastated; peasants were plundered and slain.
  • Not as President, but representing his district in Congress.
  • The burly fellow from the First District stood up and looked inquiringly.
  • Milton C. Cooper, Superintendent of District Nine, Philadelphia.

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  • Inquiry of late in the district elicited the information that the shrine had been removed.
  • In this district coarse and medium yarns and grey cloth are the chief products.
  • This district was created in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-three.
  • Once the town could claim a pig, which no other camp of that district could do.
  • Designed by a great architect, all the poor of the district were employed to help in its erection.
  • It most probably comprised a large portion of the present district of Kenneggie.
  • Otherwise the district is fertile; now, however, sadness and devastation reign supreme.
  • The Tribunal-lord was the lord of the district in which there was a Fehm-tribunal.
  • Orders were sent at the same time to Baissoor to give over ravaging the district of Roodbar.
  • An increase in the land revenue demanded in the Rawal Pindi district was very strongly resented.
  • This they could do through their acquaintance with the military authority of the district where they were then staying.
  • The cooli would be a native of some hill district of India (Panch, for instance, or Darjiling).
  • No district officer anxious to maintain the peace of his district can allow a recrudescence of these disturbances.
  • Each count was merely a royal officer who exercised in the district over which he was placed the civil and military authority.
  • The district in a given community which is served by a single central office is called an office district.
  • You do not fear that the district troopers will come in to lay waste your fields, and trample you under foot at your own firesides.
  • We were in a suspected district quite favorable to their designs, and the commanding officer was attacked with illness in the night.
  • The duke was a royal lieutenant, like the counts, only differing from them in the extent of the district over which he exercised authority.
  • The telegraphic system soon after the Government took to it was extended in this district to twenty of the principal villages.
  • A number of small market-towns or large villages lie on the outskirts of the hills, but in the inner parts of the district villages are few.
  • A very diligent artist, as the president of the district court says, and the rest of the company do well, too.
  • Bicycles and tricycles are now delivered for the public from any telegraph office in Bristol and district by special messenger at a fee of 3d.
  • When his State seceded, he raised a regiment in the congressional district which he had represented for one or two terms.
  • The visitations of O'Iwa to the district were causing the greatest public commotion.
  • In our own district it was carried on to a large extent, though I never heard of it until the artificial rearing of game came in.
  • While engaged in its restoration, he was sent as representative of the district to the Senate of the State.
  • Nowhere on the river were there fuller barns than in the populous district that went by the name of the German Flatts.
  • In the same way are chosen all the local sanitary authorities, who are of course under the District Council.
  • Some of the disturbing element in this district then moved over into Nevada where cooperation was made with the pro-Confederate men there.
  • The telegraph and telephone wires in this district are chiefly erected and maintained by soldiers of the Royal Engineers.
  • An exchange district may, therefore, consist of a number of central-office districts, just as an exchange may comprise a number of central offices.

Definition of District

(obsolete) rigorous; stringent; harsh | (transitive) To divide into administrative or other districts. | An administrative division of an area.
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