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  • It has too a connection with the names of the towns and districts of the country.
  • In some districts it has completely expelled some of the most useful kinds of birds.
  • The same division into administrative districts gave also a singular authority to law.
  • As they belong to different districts of the country, they can scarcely be called a trinity.
  • Kurds are also to be found in all the hilly districts of Armenia and Mesopotamia.
  • Six of the ten districts of the United Charities had foreign-speaking visitors.
  • That division of districts and dioceses shall be made by our Council of the Indias.
  • He reared a host from all the districts of Throndhjem, and likewise from Raumsdal.
  • You know how much I expended on the judges in the districts which I visited most frequently.
  • It is in close proximity to the cotton districts of east France, Switzerland and Vorarlberg.
  • Oddly enough, as Keene quit other mine districts of Northern New York began to open up.
  • This deficiency occurred in the states and districts in which the money should have been collected and through the agents employed there.
  • Out of the grouping of the tribes there emerged a division of the island into districts made up of many peoples.
  • The fact that immigrants live in the city in the congested districts may only indicate that they have had no choice in the matter.
  • Once more the early prospects were admirable, and then in a single night whole districts were blighted.
  • But that happens in districts here and there, for usually there is but little differentiation in these islands in characteristics and genius.
  • What essential constituent of the air is found in larger amount in manufacturing districts than in the open country?
  • In the rural districts the failure to understand the necessity of complying with the compulsory education law is even more marked.
  • Observers interested in customs in immigrant districts say that the custom of soliciting gifts at christenings was modified during the war.
  • They are closely interwoven with the oldest idols and oldest myths of the districts least open to foreign influence.
  • Straggling settlers and speculators were often anxious to purchase land in the richer districts when they could get it at a low price.
  • We should not see towns peopled at the expense of rural districts, nor rural districts at the expense of towns.
  • I mean the several districts and municipal republics, and the several clubs which direct all their affairs and appoint all their magistrates.
  • A singular superstition of the connection of the goat with Satan is entertained in some districts of this island.
  • I had to take campaigning trips across country into isolated districts lying well off the old tourist lanes to learn the lesson.
  • The very words of a recital belonging to the times, and to the districts where vampirism was prevalent, prove the force of this supposition.
  • There was the local adoration of a beast, a bird, or fish, to which the neighbours of other districts were indifferent or hostile.
  • The inhabitants of the mountainous districts of eastern and middle Tennessee had been loyal from the opening of the contest in 1860 and 1860.
  • At least that will give the right of free passage through all the towns and districts of the Russian Empire.
  • In one of the districts beyond the Volga lived a noble, a bachelor, luxuriously, caring only for his own amusement.
  • Six districts are still to be heard from, Countess, and we know that four of these belong to the Socialists.
  • This brought the war in Virginia to a close, though in Alabama and other districts the conflict continued to a somewhat later period.
  • Houses and rice-barns stand on high poles, after the Malay fashion, which originated in the malarious districts of the Lowlands.
  • The Zil-i-Sultan is adored by his people, and has, unquestionably, very great influence over the districts of which he is governor.
  • Their spies and agents in these towns supplied them with information, and the villagers and shepherds about their districts being in full sympathy, kept them in supplies and ammunition.

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  • The rural districts alone produce 8,000 parcels.
  • Recruiting-offices in numerous districts were literally stormed.
  • Country districts demonstrate the fact of Java being a creedless land.
  • Sub-postmasters in the rural districts of Bristol attain to great ages.
  • But in the Slavonic districts we may also think of the Slav.

Definition of Districts

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of district | plural of district
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