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  • Within the visible diurnal sphere.
  • For his diurnal gorge on multiplicands.
  • In some regions these glacial rivers have a diurnal variation.
  • He accomplishes his diurnal revolution in less than ten hours!
  • The diurnal rotation of the Earth is effected round this axis.
  • Whirl round the earth as never sun Has his diurnal journey run.
  • Special Value of the Diurnal Lepidoptera for enquiries of this nature.
  • A Diurnal of Events, Social and Political, Home and Foreign.

How To Use Diurnal In A Sentence?

  • The diurnal changes are easily accounted for by the rotation of the earth on its axis each day.
  • If you could live in her house for a day you would see Hellenism as a diurnal practice.
  • Wheeled by me, even as if the earth had rolled With visible motion her diurnal round.
  • There is a perceptible increase of oyster-shops and other establishments for the accommodation of a transitory diurnal multitude.
  • For example they do not really apply to axes fixed in the earth because of the diurnal rotation of that body.
  • I cannot forget that each of them means the way in which men and women have managed and are managing their diurnal round.
  • The earth in its diurnal revolutions travels at the rate of a little more than 1000 miles an hour at the equator.
  • This diurnal revolution admits of the most delicate measurement, and, in all respects, is the most available for a unit measure.
  • Thus, while the earth makes one diurnal revolution, we have continually many days in different stages of progress on our planet.
  • And then, to the practised frequenter, how, one by one, endeared figures and faces disappear from that diurnal stage!
  • These glacial rivers are much higher in summer, of course, than in winter, some of them having not only an annual fluctuation, but a diurnal one.
  • In spring these diurnal mass movements cease; the clan breaks up, the rookery is abandoned, and the birds scatter broadcast over the land.
  • He was an assistant of Tycho Brahe and accepted the diurnal while denying the orbital motion of the earth.
  • The temperature frequently rises to 105, and the fever, instead of being intermittent, runs continuously with little, if any, diurnal variation.
  • There are owls that fly by day and owls that fly by night, though this is a less satisfactory distinction than that between the diurnal butterflies and nocturnal moths.
  • The evening was passed in the recitation of affairs by himself and his cousins alone together, and until a week completed its tale of dawns and sunsets there was the same diurnal recurrence of question and answer.
  • At dusk males were observed descending a vine-covered tree at the edge of the pond; this strongly suggests that the frogs retreat to this tree and others like it for diurnal seclusion.

Definition of Diurnal

Happening or occurring during daylight, or primarily active during that time. | (botany) Said of a flower open, or releasing its perfume during daylight hours, but not at night. | Having a daily cycle that is completed every 24 hours, usually referring to tasks, processes, tides, or sunrise to sunset; circadian.
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