Diversions In A Sentence

Definition of Diversions

plural of diversion

How To Use Diversions In A Sentence?

  • The viceroy did not permit these diversions to interfere with his political policy.
  • Such had been the more innocent if eccentric diversions with which they had whiled away the time.
  • He must not grudge her the little diversions that will help to pass the time while he is away.
  • What, then, is the influence of the clergy at large in regulating the diversions of the youth?
  • Others were occupied, whether they would or no, with diversions fiercer and more earnest.
  • One of his pet diversions was the giving of unusual, and sometimes sensational, dinners.
  • These musical diversions were a part of his nature, and a very grave and sweet part of it, too.
  • Luckily, their allusiveness escaped her; she knew nothing of the diversions of the ancient gods.
  • Possible effects of water diversions on fish distribution in British Columbia.
  • There are few places which offer as many diversions as Rocky Mountain National Park.
  • If she is forbidden some harmless amusements she very frequently learns these diversions at the homes of her friends.
  • But in spite of these pleasant diversions everything was going wrong, and everybody was against him.
  • The various diversions of the afternoon had acted as a temporary narcotic, through which he struggled again and again to wretched consciousness.
  • He reminded the public that the extraordinary disturbances which had lately occurred greatly affected their diversions as well as his property.
  • Kenny knew too well for his own peace of mind the pitiful diversions of the old man's day.
  • You can see, for yourselves, how many scholars dropped out of the classes when other diversions offered themselves.
  • Men were leading a hard and vigorous life; the reactions were quick; and diversions were eagerly seized.
  • He took part in the various diversions of the day, but was no longer the brilliant companion who had inspired everything with his impetuous gayety.
  • Thus, though we have more public diversions than would suffice for two capitals, nobody goes to them till they are over.
  • In most of their social diversions the town folk tended always more and more to ape the ways of the East.
  • One of our favourite diversions was to follow mature lovers as they strolled a-field, hoping to catch them in the midst of intimate endearments.
  • I am heartily weary both of diversions and politics, and am more than half inclined to retire to Strawberry.
  • Hence a great many diversions which are accounted pleasurable elsewhere are at Asquith set down at their true value.
  • Among the other intellectual diversions which Cosmo provided was something quite unique, due to his own mental bias.
  • Let no brother, for the above especial reason, presume to go forth with a man following such diversions with a hawk, or with any other bird.
  • Also I had many chances of meeting with gentlemen of like degree with myself, and many entertaining diversions we had together.
  • For the diversions of society she had a profound contempt that did not fail to manifest itself in sharp sallies against the smug hypocrisy of the times.
  • Intended, moreover, primarily as diversions to keep England occupied at home and sicken her of the war, they did not altogether fail of their aim.
  • We had been so busied with our own diversions that not one of us had observed her departure; but now that we found it out, we set off to discover where she had strolled to.
  • All Plays are stopt and no diversions are going forward, so that I am at a loss how to dispose of myself....

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Diversions | Diversions Sentence

  • What time had he for the diversions of the idle?
  • But other diversions were also available.
  • Their diversions were as strange as their cruelties.
  • All unnecessary diversions were ruthlessly foregone.
  • Their Diversions and Repasts, 68, 69.
  • These diversions are very strictly localized and handed on by word of mouth.
  • Bull-fights and dances constitute the principal diversions on these occasions.
  • His only diversions were the rides and the lunches which he took with Helen.
  • And one of the weekly diversions in Homeburg is watching this race.
  • Run along and leave me to diversions of my own," answered Georgiana gayly.

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