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  • And then there are diversities of character.
  • The diversities of language answer to the same end.
  • She has opened no war against their diversities of rite.
  • Then there are the diversities in the degrees and kinds of affection.
  • Again, besides these, there are diversities of condition in life.
  • There are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. 12:7.

How To Use Diversities In A Sentence?

  • They are not diversities of gifts with the same spirit, but fundamental antagonisms of thought.
  • The eye reveals to us the beauties of light, and by its aid the wondrous diversities of nature.
  • Observe how all the diversities of human condition and character manifest themselves in the family.
  • To an attentive observer these buildings offer more diversities than would at first sight be believed.
  • There are also diversities which are caused either by different conditions or by the influence of some master spirit.
  • In one family there are sure to be diversities of dispositions and contrasts of character most perplexing and difficult to deal with.
  • But in the morning all these diversities will break forth again, each pouring its influence into the general stream.
  • There is only the one life and the one spirit, but there are diversities of gifts to enable that spirit to be expressed.
  • This discordance between essential unity and superficial diversities must be harmonized, if a true conception of his being is to be formed.
  • Next to the diversities of living flowers assuredly come the devices of the pattern-designer who discreetly goes to nature for his inspiration.
  • That there are diversities traceable as existing among the human race four thousand five hundred years ago as marked as in the present day.
  • All the actual classes of the animal and vegetable kingdoms were represented in the tertiary faunas and floras, and in nearly the same proportions and the same diversities as at present.
  • This may arise in part from the diversities of individual experience, of temperament, and the order to which the soul belongs in the spiritual world.
  • There are diversities of gifts, but the same spirit, and certainly as high a degree of spiritual perception is necessary for the teacher as for the executive artist.
  • Remember, I pray you, the diversities of form through which, in so many ages and generations, this Church has passed.
  • Either the diversities which we have designated in beauty are such that it is impossible to discover their relation, or these diversities are especially apparent, and have their harmony, their concealed unity.
  • As there are diversities of tastes among men, it is not to be expected that the alterations I have made in the language of the version will please all classes of readers.
  • On that subject there are widely marked diversities of opinion and interest in the different portions of the Confederacy, with few mediating influences to soften the collision.
  • It is not without interest that some of our scientific men have tried to find unity amidst diversity, and to discover the types of the animal kingdom amid the innumerable diversities of the separated animal forms.
  • Such diversities we must consider as an arrangement established by the great Disposer of all things, and calculated to promote important purposes in his moral government.
  • And precisely in the same way all these diversities of character and condition are necessary to constitute and complete the idea of a Christian Church.
  • Would the delicate discriminations in which she had been trained, the lights and shadows of her soul, become submerged in the modern effort to reduce all distinctions to a level, all diversities to an average?

Definition of Diversities

plural of diversity
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