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  • And now he was off on some tangent from which it would need all her coaxing wit to divert him.
  • This feature is not essential in an arrester intended solely to divert lightning discharges.
  • If he picnicked with the ladies, it was in order to divert his thoughts from the wrath to come.
  • Stop the topmost in summer (if very strong) to divert the sap into other parts.
  • In the midst of her attempt to amuse him, to divert him, he returned to his theme.
  • I asked, to divert his remorseful thoughts, and unable to restrain my curiosity.
  • The submarine question, however, will always divert this resentment against us again.
  • But Kate had no liking for the turn the conversation had taken, and attempted to divert it.
  • To divert Napoleon to Ireland was his object and the total separation of Ireland his ambition.
  • It is advisable for such pupils to divert their minds from close study for a few days previous to examination.
  • Neither parents nor relations could divert her from punishing herself in this manner and from bringing on death by starvation.
  • But no stories could divert one long from the peculiarities of that amazing line which exists strictly for itself.
  • Ella hoped for her sake that the conversation would not be continued on that subject, and prepared her wits to divert it.
  • I sought various ways to divert his mind, and to arouse him from the constant meditations in which he was plunged.
  • My cell contained no object to divert my attention; and the stated returns of the keeper were the only varieties of my condition.
  • In 1767 a freshet so seriously threatened the town that the citizens were called to divert the course of the stream and thus saved the settlement.
  • No provision has been made for an outlay of money in this matter, as we can ill afford to divert a dollar from regular work.
  • All were ready to sue for mercy and to proclaim their willingness to divert allegiance from dictator to Crown.
  • Would it catch the rock wall while any glimmer of light remained, or would some new movement of the wreck divert its progress?
  • I wheeled him up an arm chair, and stirred the fire very industriously, hoping thereby to divert his attention.
  • The elephant then opposed him, but the remaining bundle of grass was sufficient to divert his attention, and he passed through the last door.
  • When the ceremony is celebrated to divert injury from oneself to an enemy, it corresponds to the Nabaloi sagausau.
  • I looked around the room on other pictures, either to divert my attention, or to see whether the same effect would be produced by them.
  • At the first cross-roads we split up into several groups, and later on into smaller parties still, so as to divert attention from us.
  • He had returned with a purpose as hard and grim as iron; and no obstacle, less powerful than death, should divert or control him.
  • Mrs Herring felt annoyed with her for threatening to spoil a pleasant afternoon, but she talked on to divert her thoughts from the brandy.
  • The meeting with Old Mose had served to divert the girl's mind from her own difficulties.
  • As time passed, however, these painful seizures grew gradually less frequent, and his friends strove to divert his mind into fresh channels.
  • If the people be the source of power, don't divert the stream into another channel; and, above all, don't insist that it should run up-hill!
  • I am glad of such incidents; for at a pinch, and when I need entertainment, the versification of them serves to divert me....
  • Her mind was too much occupied with passing events and surrounding dangers to admit her of applying herself to reading; the needle was the only employment which could divert her.
  • Therefore to erect a dam across such a private stream and divert all or a part of the water for power purposes, requires the consent of the neighboring owner.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Divert | Divert Sentence

  • But nothing could divert it from its purpose.
  • But think not for a moment to divert me from the attempt.
  • Any touchy planets our spies report, we divert the files.
  • This is to divert the battle-ax of their enemy from their own necks.
  • The recollection of those four minutes seemed to divert him immensely.
  • The second method is to divert a part of a river by means of a stone dam.
  • He led her to the door, and then came back to divert the storm.
  • But, they added, this was probably a mere ruse to divert suspicion.

Definition of Divert

(transitive) To turn aside from a course. | (transitive) To distract. | (transitive) To entertain or amuse (by diverting the attention)
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