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  • Martin divested himself of his overcoat.
  • Instantly, we were divested of our weapons.
  • Idiomatic, and divested of all shrewdness.
  • She returned divested of her Muscovite sympathies.
  • Precocity in him was divested of the evils that are wont to attend it.
  • The tree is not the less valuable divested of its rugged bark.
  • When he has divested himself of the inherited nature, what is left?
  • His soul had received three wounds, which quite divested him of humanity.
  • Anne stood in the middle of the library, divested of her warm fur coat.
  • Calendar's moon-like visage was momentarily divested of any trace of color.

How To Use Divested In A Sentence?

  • Such of her pleasures as had not been taken from her were divested of all their charm.
  • Next he divested himself of his own tweed clothes and donned the things he had taken from the box.
  • Warrington jumped from his rickshaw and divested himself of his coat and flung his hat beside it.
  • The stranger having divested himself of his upper garments then put on this horrible dress.
  • He then divested himself of every article of clothing and ornament, and placed them in the hut.
  • The minuet has all the tender coquetry of the bolero, divested of its licentious fervour.
  • The old woman divested the trembling young creature of her wet cloak and proceeded to the hall.
  • He is divested of his prosperity soon and even of life, not to say, of friends and relatives.
  • That part is often divested of such ornaments, as is the case with the Shoaydagon.
  • Great was the contrast between the one just described and the next which came up to be divested of her pack.
  • The airman's face was full of melancholy dignity as he divested himself of his coat.
  • I will therefore ask the reader to follow me in these pages with a mind divested of all disposition to the supernatural.
  • Even had he wished to do so, he never could have divested himself wholly of the character of priest and pedagogue.
  • Now here we have a specimen of love raised to intensity, but divested as far as possible of the religious element.
  • He crossed the threshold in silence, and divested her of the fur garment which was all sparkling with melting snow.
  • As she divested the child of her little slip, something rolled out of its bosom and dropped upon the floor.
  • He carefully divested himself of this garment, put on his linen office-coat and turned towards his companion.
  • I had never seen him before, divested of the insignia of authority, beyond the walls of the academy.
  • If the bridal costume is to be worn on any other occasion, it must be divested of orange-blossoms and worn without the veil.
  • Jack did not much like the idea of disrobing in the presence of company, but he divested himself of his shirt and turned his back to the miners.
  • If one of our number is killed, and divested of his veil, no one can identify him until it has been restored to its place.
  • With Griffith's help he had divested himself of his heavy coat and was wringing it out.
  • With the assistance of her maid she slowly divested herself of her white vail and robes, and put on the black travelling dress.
  • Soon, moreover, they divested our abode of the veil of woodbine which had crept over a large portion of its southern face.
  • It is, though thoroughly divested of any sensational character, one of the dreariest volumes one can take up.
  • The storm continuing, she decided to spend the night where she was, and divested herself of some of her upper garments to wrap up her feet.
  • Soon, moreover, they divested our abode of the veil of woodbine which had crept over a large portion of its southern face.
  • Then he divested himself of his collar and tie, threw his coat and waistcoat on a chair, and reseated himself, to take off his boots.
  • If a sufficient number of such men can be found, this objection would, by proper legislation, be divested of all its force.
  • With such a machine it is impracticable to cut grain, much less grass, efficiently, divested of the reel.

Definition of Divested

simple past tense and past participle of divest

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