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  • He began divesting himself of his blouse and trousers as he spoke.
  • He ought to acquire a habit of comparing and divesting his notions.
  • Doctor Churchill was divesting himself of white cravat and collar.

How To Use Divesting In A Sentence?

  • He could not see his friend, but he shrewdly suspected the boatswain was already divesting himself of his bonds.
  • Not contented with divesting one man of his right, they have arbitrarily conveyed that right to another.
  • Not even Cromwell equalled him in divesting war of its customary atrocities, and keeping alive the spirit of religion.
  • To suppose so, is supposing his purposes mutable, and his compassion dormant; that is, divesting him of Deity.
  • Polly handed the slip of paper to her friend and joined Anne at the divan where she was divesting the boy of his nightie to see if further clues might be found.
  • These precautions, though they answered in divesting her of a casual and transient complaint, were big with many and greater evils, which threatened to become habitual.
  • I cannot imagine a sweet, wholesome-hearted woman, be she young or old, divesting herself of half her clothes and thrusting herself upon the notice of ribald men.

Definition of Divesting

present participle of divest
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