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  • It divides itself into three parts.
  • A membrane that divides two cavities from each other.
  • Only about four inches divides the nets.
  • Whitworth divides a bar to a millionth of an inch.
  • Again it divides into two light flying airs by electricity.
  • It divides the hill country into fairly even portions.
  • A partition divides the hall into two equal parts.
  • The Commentator divides written instruments into, 1.
  • If we can discover a line which divides ignorance into two halves.
  • The sprout divides into two, forming the beginning of the pair of lungs.
  • He divides the causes of crime into two great classes, individual and social.
  • The egg now divides (Fig. 38), but the division is of a peculiar kind.

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  • An anterior and posterior fissure divides the spinal cord into two lateral cords.
  • The eastern boundary of France divides itself into four very nearly equal sections.
  • Observe," said he, "the innumerable faces formed by the line which divides the two worlds.
  • Between Claude Vignon and Lousteau lay the gulf that divides mere dexterity from art.
  • The line divides at Reedham, one part going to Yarmouth and the other to Lowestoft.
  • But the principle usually adopted divides his philosophy into Dialectic, Physics, and Ethics.
  • And what line of distinction can there possibly be greater than that which divides ignorance from knowledge?
  • The Habb river, which divides Las from the British province of Sind, is another case in point.
  • It yet remains to cross the barrier which divides some of the best journalism of our time from literature which will outlive its author.
  • In all cases the organism divides into two or more parts, each of which becomes in time like the original.
  • When any generator is operated, its current divides and passes over the line wires and through all of the ringers in multiple.
  • But there is a difficulty in separating the germ from the flower, or in drawing the line which divides ancient from modern philosophy.
  • For the same reason strangers on entering the kasgi offer a small present to the headman, who divides it among the people.
  • Increase of wealth divides rather than unites a people; but suffering shared in common binds it together with hoops of steel.
  • It is octopartite in plan, developed from the sexpartite form by the addition of a longitudinal ridge-rib which divides its larger cells.
  • Here it divides into two branches, one to supply the right, and the other the left, side of the forearm and hand.
  • We had found "float" in plenty, and had followed it up ridges and over divides across three ranges of mountains.
  • Sometimes it is tall, but usually it divides near the ground into several large diverging stems, forming a broad round head.
  • Another lady, whose husband is a lawyer, divides the year into four quarters, and the income into four equal parts.
  • I say this provisionally, for I think that the line which divides them will be marked enough if proper care is taken.
  • The indifferent work they perform is light and simple; a little sewing and embroidery, followed by the siesta, divides the hours of the day.
  • One long avenue from east to west is intersected by a Transept, which divides the building into two nearly equal parts.
  • The list of arithmetical books, published in 1847, divides at 1735; the paradoxes, up to 1863, divide at 1825.
  • Thus it seems to me incredible that any greater barrier can sever me from this darling child than that ever-present one which divides me from all of you.
  • One crag, with a narrow ridge, which might be climbed without much difficulty, protrudes from the middle of the rock, and divides the fall.
  • Its limitation in this last respect will depend upon that mental constitution which divides men naturally into Platonists and Aristotelians.
  • She discharges her servant, and divides the lighter duties of the household between herself and the two eldest of her children, Minnie and Helen.
  • There are two little hairless man-cubs in our version, however, for a Mowglina divides honors with Mowgli.

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Third-person singular simple present indicative form of divide | plural of divide
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