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  • And she proceeded to divulge it to her father.
  • The girl refused absolutely to divulge that.
  • I have my conjectures; but can divulge nothing.
  • For fear I should divulge it?
  • Fenk, I will now divulge the whole secret.
  • Upon this he made up his mind to divulge all that had been revealed to him.
  • What if they should ever divulge what had taken place between them!
  • I took him aside and asked him to divulge the secret of the trick.
  • The negro was tortured, but would not divulge the source of the paper.
  • His secret was a shameful one, and he could not bring himself to divulge it.
  • What, you have been taking pains, too, to divulge my talent?
  • To divulge a secret is to make it vulgar, or common, by telling it.
  • But Louise was unwilling to divulge the information over the telephone.
  • He would not divulge how much he had succeeded in passing on to the Slavs.
  • Thunder Mountain didn't divulge her secret dangers.

How To Use Divulge In A Sentence?

  • But he did not divulge his plan and the others were content to wait for the event.
  • We cannot but think it is a mistake to divulge the fact with so many dishonest people about.
  • Any member who shall betray or divulge any of the matters of the order shall suffer death.
  • Remember, too, he is apt to divulge the secrets of her dear friends to his wife.
  • In order, however, not to divulge the secret he must pass it on under cover of a handkerchief.
  • It occurred to Wilson that it might be just as well not to divulge his real destination.
  • He did not care at the time to divulge any of the plan he but now had confided to Aurora and Anne.
  • Samba would have torn out his tongue rather than divulge any secret of his master's.
  • I am not going to divulge to you what he said, but you may know it was something pretty nice.
  • He wrote a solemn pledge which all the officers in the house signed, binding them not to divulge the scheme.
  • If the mature spinster of forty would divulge her real opinion, what would it be on the same scene of competition?
  • Of course we cannot divulge the big secret, but nevertheless the girls as usual have many exciting experiences.
  • It was evident that he was keeping something back, and was trying to make up his mind as to whether he should divulge his information or not.
  • The secretary of the regatta shall not divulge any entry, nor report the state of the entrance list, until such list be closed.
  • Jerry was the one person who could divulge the contents of the stolen portfolio documents, but repeated wires failed to bring any response.
  • She didn't say whose place it was, but she did divulge the fact that the dinner is given to Vetch.
  • Children, servants, and slaves were kept aside, and by continual flogging were obliged to divulge the secret hiding-places.
  • In fact, comparison of these two Baigneuses will straightway divulge the advantages that lie in modern methods.
  • He would maintain his old character, and he would make them fear to divulge the secret, which had now become the great fear of his life.
  • I worship never to divulge the Secret, but to bury it deeply in silence and ever preserve it inviolate and inviolable.
  • The Sire commands thee to divulge of what nuptials it is that thou art vaunting, by means of which he is to be put down from his power.
  • But this, Jaqui firmly informed them, was now his secret and his property, and he would not divulge it.
  • Still it was not for me to divulge Mariamne's secret, and I could not even touch upon my own.
  • Accordingly the interpreter did not divulge the confession of the villains, all evidence as to their guilt was withheld, and they were finally discharged.
  • Even then he determined that if either of the men who were parties to the shameful compact, should divulge the secret he would make their lives a hell.

Definition of Divulge

(transitive) To make public or known; to communicate to the public; to tell (information, especially a secret) so that it may become generally known | To indicate publicly; to proclaim.
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