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How To Use Dizzy In A Sentence?

  • By the time she had finished it she grew dizzy and faint, and fell into a swoon.
  • And the smoke-reek grows denser and thicker, and the gas-light looks dizzy through the haze.
  • Here the little party would seem as secure in their dizzy seclusion as eagles of the Andes.
  • But being cool-headed and now well accustomed to dizzy heights, I began to descend.
  • And here on this dizzy brink of the desert Kut-le did pause as if for a long, long holiday.
  • By this time I was so dizzy holding my head down, that I was obliged to raise it.
  • But my blood was up after my dizzy crawl through space, and I felt I could not brook interference.
  • But I was very dizzy from the motion of the vessel, and I thought I had better sit down.
  • I disregarded an annoying tendency to feel dizzy that came over me and was very careful in managing my voice.
  • One dog was so happy that he kept turning around and around after his own short tail until he was too dizzy to stand up.
  • He had never before entered such a place, but he felt dizzy and was also suffering from intense thirst.
  • Then he quietly laid aside the pipe and groped his way unsteadily out of doors, for he was very dizzy and faint.
  • The force of the waves tossed him high on dizzy crests, then he was dropped swiftly into depths of seething water.
  • I am told that inside this pyramid, at a dizzy height above the street, there is a storage room for gold.
  • Running along the entire west side of the castle was a wonderful wall, stretching above the moat to a dizzy height.
  • Then he heard a second crash and a screeching, long continued, that went through and through his dizzy brain.
  • He accepted it with a slight movement of the head, but when he tried to find the place he turned dizzy and his hands shook.
  • He has the impression that he is falling rapidly through space, and a dizzy "seasickness" almost overcomes him.
  • Round and round they went until it made little Luke's head dizzy to watch them.
  • I watch and watch till my head grows dizzy and my neck is in danger of permanent displacement, and still do not get a good view.
  • I softly raised myself up, and stood sick and trembling, holding by the table, too dizzy to know what to do next.
  • Then the descent on the other side would be a wild, dizzy rush, when at time the speedometer needle reached the ninety mark.
  • She went quite dizzy and might have fallen, but for the quick arm that supported her; whose in that bitter moment she neither knew nor cared.
  • Briefly she stood, dizzy and perplexed, and then, after one great leap, her heart seemed to shudder and stand still.
  • Up the valley, under a dizzy precipice, nestled the village of Kandersteg, our halting-place for the night.
  • No cares to weigh upon his mind, no crushing responsibilities; the future lying calm and clear in the light of day, free from dizzy dreams.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Dizzy | Dizzy Sentence

  • It is a dizzy thought!
  • Tom got up dizzy and half awake.
  • His head was turning quite dizzy again.
  • Arnold felt his head dizzy as though with strong wine.
  • Bill nodded; he felt dizzy and helplessly weak.
  • She held the door-handle, as she stood dizzy and weary.
  • Half-way to the top, Rhoda stopped, dizzy and afraid.
  • I feel like a dizzy creature standing at the edge of a precipice.
  • You'd get dizzy looking down prospect holes.
  • Them little old germs will all get dizzy and lose their holt.
  • Gradually these cleared away, and he sat up, feeling very dizzy and sick.
  • We poked along slowly at first, for I was still a bit dizzy from that blow.
  • With the Fifth Reader one reached the dizzy eminence of top.
  • But Agatha perceived nothing--she was dizzy and blind.

Definition of Dizzy

Having a sensation of whirling, with a tendency to fall; giddy; feeling unbalanced or lightheaded. | Producing giddiness. | Empty-headed, scatterbrained or frivolous.
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