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How To Use Do Away In A Sentence?

  • To this statement should be added that its mission is also to minimize or do away with defects.
  • He proposed to either largely decrease the appropriation or to wholly do away with it.
  • What appeal can we make to the nations that will be strong enough to do away with the war spirit?
  • Your accommodating consciences do away with them, and they immediately fall into oblivion.
  • He threw the button out of the window, hastening to do away with such souvenirs.
  • Somebody must invent an unhairing device to do away with the taking off of the white hair by hand.
  • As we surveyed our race as a whole, would its brighter future ever do away with its past?
  • When they had assembled together the Fox proposed that they should all do away with their tails.
  • My mission here is to do away with any ill-effects consequent on our treaty with Russia.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Do Away | Do Away Sentence

  • Who is going to do away with it all?
  • How can we do away with resistance?
  • He talked as if he meant to do away with himself.
  • It is no small task to do away with such numbers.
  • The father plans to do away with the youth.
  • Then we shall do away with both poverty and riches.
  • We must do away with text-book teachers.
  • What a great thing if we could do away with war!
  • Do away with, to = forigi.
  • But I do not want to do away with ambition.
  • I think he was planning to do away with you the same as he did with her.
  • They hired themselves out to those who wished to do away with their enemies.
  • What had the man of the hut to do away from his dwelling at such an hour?
  • Science has ever endeavored to do away with miracles and prodigies.
  • What means are to be adopted in order to do away with the anomaly?
  • Our object in this was to do away all suspicion of unfair play.
  • Typewriter companies would do away with the instalment plan entirely.
  • To do away with this competition would not accomplish the end desired.
  • Girls do not do away with themselves; girls do not die of broken hearts.
  • The best way to restore the habit of thinking is to do away with the names.
  • Prohibit the taking of omens, and do away with superstitious doubts.
  • Do away with these, and catallactic advantage becomes impossible.
  • But what're you goin' to do away out there amongst strangers?
  • The sooner she could do away with him, the easier she would feel.
  • We'll do away with this rocky tea-set, too.
  • We've either got to do away with her, or keep her hid.
  • I see only two: to do away with the leader; and to cut the thread.
  • Heavenly Power is needed to do away with this stir and agitation.
  • He would therefore, in all probability, hesitate to do away with his captives.
  • Do away with the desire to excel and you may set up your Socialism at once.
  • He contrived to do away with his stockings in a way I shall not mention.
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