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How To Use Do Get In A Sentence?

  • It is an extraordinary piscatorial fact that the largest fish always do get away.
  • Perhaps it was bravado but none seems to believe that such papers ever do get burned.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Do Get | Do Get Sentence

  • But so long as we do get them out!
  • Do get on with what you have to say.
  • Do get him back for me!
  • Only they do get tired somehow.
  • When we do get there what a chattering and what excitement!
  • Do get up in time for breakfast.
  • Girls always do get over these things.
  • When they do get past it is not of much use.
  • What if you do get your bally shoes wet!
  • It may be that you do get more and do change your belief.
  • Do get up and come and see my rabbits.
  • If not, do get him to withdraw.
  • We do go on, we do get on.
  • But you know how absorbed they do get in conversation.
  • Then after a time you do get out, and are thankful.
  • Certainly, they never do get married.
  • I suppose you do get sick to death of a kitchen.
  • No doubt people do get a little different, then.
  • If we do get out alive, our country will reward us.
  • Do get out and come in the house; you must be perished!
  • How excited those young men do get, to be sure.
  • I do get lonesome sometimes, all alone, so!
  • Well, so long as you do get them sorted, and squared up.
  • As a general rule, you may say that people do get better.
  • I have such hideous dreams when I do get to sleep.
  • Now do get ready, Peggy.
  • Do get up, Mrs. Belmont!
  • I think I do get better, but I am very bad.
  • Oh, Ruth, dear, I do get so tired of it all.
  • Oh, do get on, Dan; I expect them here every minute.
  • Do get it for me.
  • Do get up!
  • Men do get free.
  • Still they do get much pleasure out of them and much instruction too.
  • I wish there were more to do in the shape of relaxation when we do get ashore.
  • But a whole lot of fires do get started by just such people in the woods.
  • When you do get to the under-waters, don't forget that.
  • Any way round, you never do get over being conscious of your grammar.
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