Do Them In A Sentence

How To Use Do Them In A Sentence?

  • If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them.
  • I wish I could do them some good.
  • I asked to be allowed to try if I could do them.
  • You did not suppose you were to do them alone, I hope.
  • What good does Greek ever do them?...

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Do Them | Do Them Sentence

  • However did you do them?
  • He never did do them.
  • But do they do them for the words?
  • And do them reverence?
  • Take care not to do them too much.
  • But what good would it do them?
  • It would do them good.
  • What good does it do them to have a home?
  • We had no wish to do them any harm.
  • Yet there was never any reason why you should not do them.
  • But they do them all too much alike.
  • Much good may it do them!
  • A trifle would do them.
  • They have learned that it will do them no harm.
  • It will do them a world of good!
  • But this is not to do them perfect justice.
  • It will do them good to see you there.
  • Let us do them justice.
  • A gift of that sort can only do them good.
  • Do you want to go and do them good?
  • What possible harm could she do them?
  • No amount of description can do them justice.
  • If any are wrong, take them out and do them over again.
  • I hope the fresh air will do them good.
  • I know it will do them a world of good to see you.
  • They want me to do them a tragedy in four acts.
  • The hosts want you to come and do them honor!
  • To urge them to attend is not to do them good but harm.
  • What of the value of chores to you; did you do them?
  • Bees do wonderful things, but do them blindly.
  • The way to do things is to do them, not think about them.
  • She thought the air from the water would do them good.
  • And ye are here to learn these things, and to do them.
  • He seeks not to say any civil things, but to do them.
  • To do them justice, the barons supposed no such thing.
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