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  • Never put off till to-morrow what you can do today.
  • We've lots to do today."
  • "What did you do today, Weelbrrr?
  • "I find my duty hard to do today," he murmured under his breath.
  • "The precepts of the law will not allow us so to do today," said the rabbi.
  • "What did they do today, dear?"

How To Use Do Today In A Sentence?

  • Both barber and surgeon shared a certain expertness with tools, as they do today.
  • Perhaps you have decided, as many young couples do today, that you will both work for wages.
  • In dem back days child, meetings wuz carried on jes like we do today, somewhatly.
  • They wrote the truth as they understood it to be truth, just as any other historian or biographer would do today.
  • So the words we speak and the things we do today may seem to be lost, but in the great final revealing the smallest of them will appear.
  • Intellectual property rights simply played a lesser role in the 1950s music business than they do today, both for better and for worse.
  • In all that we do today may we know that Thou seest us, and if our way be steep, may we be sure that Thou lovest us.
  • We shall look back to this institution in after life; and, whenever memory recalls our school days, our hearts will warm toward you as they do today.
  • The Conard Fissure material was deposited at a time (Illinoian?) when northern faunas extended farther south than they do today.
  • Instead of regarding, as we do today, everything as effects which were produced by preceding causes, they saw in every process, in every phenomenon, a means which had a purpose.
  • Yet Jefferson in his time was frequently called an atheist--and merely because men in those days did not distinguish as clearly as we do today between ecclesiasticism and religion, between formulated and essential Christianity.
  • "We got plenty to do today as it is, Mr. Owen, with the weddin' party on an' them gol blamed lions to look after."
  • wave of Arabs sailed to it (as they do today) from that other land of mystery, Arabia; and there isn't a yard of coral beach, cocoanut-fringed shore, clove orchard, or vanilla patch--not a lemon tree nor a thousand-year-old baobab but could tell of battle and intrigue; not a creek where the dhows lie peacefully today but could whisper of cargoes run by night--black cargoes, groaning fretfully and smelling of the 'tween-deck lawlessness.
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