Do You In A Sentence

How To Use Do You In A Sentence?

  • Why do you reject it?
  • Do you know where she is?
  • Now what do you think?
  • But what do you mean to do with yourself?
  • To whom do you speak?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Do You | Do You Sentence

  • And how do you do again?
  • What do you do there?
  • What do you do for it?
  • Do you own up to it?
  • But why do you do it?
  • But what do you here?
  • And how do you do again!
  • Do you do it all yourself?
  • What do you do with yourself?
  • Do you have them here?
  • Then what do you here?
  • What do you do in here?
  • And how do you do again.
  • Do you remember me now?
  • What do you take me for?
  • What do you care about that?
  • What do you think of that?
  • Do you understand it all?
  • Do you know who it is?
  • Do you understand that?
  • Do you remember that?
  • And what do you call all this?
  • What do you know about it?
  • Why do you receive him?
  • How do you explain it?
  • Now what do you reckon it was?
  • Why what do you mean?
  • Do you know where we are?
  • What more do you want?
  • Whom do you wait for?
  • Why do you tremble so?
  • What do you laugh at?
  • And what do you think they are doing?
  • To what do you refer?
  • What do you make of that?
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