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How To Use Docile In A Sentence?

  • It is to further this docile spirit that we desire to press the claims of debating societies.
  • But her disposition being naturally docile and amiable, she was not to be easily spoiled.
  • She was a docile little thing, and she had a fear of her mother without knowing why.
  • She was in reality very sweet and docile before all her negatives of life, and always would be.
  • She is happier, more capable of self control, more docile and obeys from love and faith.
  • The body, instead of being the unrelenting despot, then becomes the docile and useful servant.
  • But, like a docile daughter, I fell into the career marked out for me by my father.
  • But the incantation of that law was having its effect on a nature that was more docile than it realized.
  • Now Red Jason, as a docile prisoner, was almost the first to get promotion to the Free Command.
  • With his hive and system of management it would seem that bees become at once more docile than they are in other cases.
  • Although bound by the duties of his office to inculcate docility upon his flock, he was not sufficiently docile himself.
  • By those who knew him he was regarded as a terror, and by the faculty he was looked on as one of the most quiet and docile students in college.
  • Thus, merchants and farmers are hushed and made docile under the lash, for what is the use of complaining?
  • For stubborn matter turned docile before the stress of this returning life, taught somewhere to be plastic.
  • All of these Indians are by nature docile to the teachings and admonitions of their parish priests and spiritual fathers.
  • There was an earthquake hidden somewhere in this quiet docile man, and the innate deviltry of the woman was always trying to dig down to it.
  • The road was new, only a waggon track in reality, and the mules became more and more docile through exhaustion as the day went on.
  • The officers themselves, mounted upon a very common sort of horses, strive in vain to render them docile and agreeable.
  • He was making the passes after a singular fashion, upon a docile fellow who sat bolt upright in a chair with a face of the most stolid gravity.
  • It will be observed, therefore, that the Transvaal has all along been very docile and consequently very badly used.
  • I had kept a seal on my lips, and in common opinion was still the Prince's docile disciple.
  • It was as though one of the docile Dobbins of the hovel had suddenly perked up ears and tail and begun to play the part of a beast of prey.
  • Mr Bradshaw could not have told her not to do this, or to do that, without her doing it; for she had become much more docile of late.
  • With closed mouth, drooping ears, and head low, there stood the mustang, meek and docile as any old jackass.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Docile | Docile Sentence

  • They were docile and strong.
  • Many were docile when captured.
  • I am in a most docile mood at this moment.
  • After all, she had proved herself a docile daughter.
  • The now docile and exhausted cattle followed leisurely.
  • Beatrice found herself obeying like a docile child.
  • Le peuple anglais est assez docile envers la police.
  • Miss Maitland was docile to all their suggestions.
  • And it is only the meek-spirited and docile who will do this at all.
  • The goats are more docile and better behaved than the children.
  • He is a docile little creature, easily taught and easily taken care of.
  • Spenser and Milton are his masters, and he is a docile pupil.
  • Golden Eagle was docile enough until he reached the, to him, familiar door.
  • Et Weber, docile comme un Allemand, s'en allait en effet.
  • If her nature is good, she's sure to be docile and respectful.
  • For a large part of his nature was patient and simple, docile as an animal's.

Definition of Docile

Ready to accept instruction or direction; obedient; subservient. | Yielding to control or supervision, direction, or management.
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