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  • I grasped the huge document that lay on the bottom of the safe, and opened it.
  • I place here a copy of the document that had gone astray (Vol.
  • In fact I have his signature to a document that I hope you will sign also.
  • Ah, it was a vicious document--that last Will and Testament of Ellen Webster.

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  • How was it possible to replace the vital document that had been destroyed by fire!
  • He wants money, and possibly demands a document that seals the bargain as it were.
  • The stranger was seated by the table, reading a large document that looked like a lease.
  • Besides, he can't have faked the terms, and that's the only document that counts.
  • He handed Entwistle a copy of the document that had been found on the body of the German airman.
  • It appears from that document that you were born in 1789, and that you have already passed your seventieth year.
  • It implied a doubt as to whether the testator was fully aware of the exact nature of the document that he was signing.
  • He was on trial for stealing a document that was purportedly highly sensitive and purportedly worth tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Higginson must have forged her name to the document; that was all; and she had naturally sworn that she never signed it.
  • In fact, so clear and explicit was this document, that the simple reading of it seemed to be of itself a decision of the question.
  • He bribed the librarian to let him see once more the famous document that had just been signed by so many Bishops.
  • I showed him a document that his friends were trying to make Penelope sign and he admitted that it was just the way he had dictated it.
  • Moreover, it is established by this document that for a time at least the cotton manufacture was "regulated" like the other textile trades.
  • The claim of Spanish cession was afterward denied in the very document that served to keep the issue alive for a number of years.
  • In a very few years there will be no old-timers of the trail left; and, after all, it is the human document that gives colour and life to history.
  • Crosthwaite thrust his hand into his coat pocket and produced the document that von Eitelheimer had vainly endeavoured to induce him to sign.
  • It appeared from this document that he belonged to the city of Philadelphia, but was temporarily residing in London.
  • Thereupon his expression changed, a cloud darkened his brow; he controlled his emotion, however, and read the document that he held in his hands.
  • And what about a certain stolen E911 Document, that posed a direct threat to the police emergency lines?
  • I have a belief, supported by no historical fact or document, that between the families of Domenico and Antonio there was a mild cousinly feud.
  • I gather from this tedious document that my principality of five thousand persons possesses every appliance and every excrescence of civilized government except a parliament.
  • Reflection showed him that Count Michael Temesvar was far too shrewd to trust the document that meant so much to him to insecure shelter.
  • I have before me a document that contains most terribly significant evidence of mischief, alike to all classes of the community, that results from crime and a state of social disturbance.
  • He recalled the story of a cabeza de barangay in his town who, for having signed a document that he did not understand, was kept a prisoner for months and months, and came near to deportation.
  • It was in this document that Columbus formulated the curious cipher which he always now used in signing his name, and of which various readings are given in the Appendix.
  • It would, of course, have been much better had he entered the army of a power friendly to England, but the document that he received on enlisting goes far to absolve him from any responsibility in the matter.
  • It is stated in a legal document that the bricks, stones, and material on part of the site belonged to the Bristol Chambers Co. Limited.
  • I have reproduced this Note in full because its influence was quite particularly fateful and because it was probably the most unfortunate document that ever passed from Berlin to Washington.
  • I know for a fact that he got Nivens, the lawyer, to draw up a document that was to give an acre of banana land in Cuba to every idiot in Missinaba county.
  • He took a wallet out of his pocket and extracted from it the document that Fritz Siemann had drawn up and signed and which Smith and McPhulach had witnessed.
  • The 'Mutineers of the Bounty' was one of the books they liked best, and there was a story of an Iceland farmer, a human document, that had an unfading interest.
  • When I showed him the document that Penelope had been made to sign, he realized that he'd made a mistake.
  • To the unprejudiced eye this diploma looked more like the document that is drawn forth from the spy's boot in the war melodrama, than the sheepskin of a scholastic institution.
  • Although we do not know much regarding the art tastes of Prince Maurice of Orange, who died in 1625, yet we learn from a document that he employed Esais van de Velde as a court painter.
  • It was a strange and wonderful document, that inventory, but with Mr. Scorer's assistance I succeeded in checking the main points of it.
  • Mr Briggs announced his intention of going to the former with the original document that we prepared for the Pasha, and of using his influence to remove Monsieur Cochelet's hostility.

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