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  • Nothing definite is embodied in any documentary evidence.
  • There is documentary evidence extant to disprove this.
  • The documentary evidence went even further.
  • The movement; documentary of a struggle for equality.
  • In white America, a documentary play.
  • The Negro American; a documentary history.
  • A Documentary Introduction to the Atomic Age.
  • No documentary evidence has been found to substantiate such a view.
  • An illuminating summary of the immense documentary literature of the war.
  • No documentary proof of the existence of such a treaty has reached us.
  • Scattergood handed Castle a folded paper of documentary appearance.
  • Scenes reminiscent of a Michael Moore documentary are shown.
  • This excellent film is a 53-minute documentary on the Manhattan Project.
  • Civil rights and the American Negro; a documentary history.
  • When Hygeia entered, I was deeply interested in this documentary mass.
  • A documentary history of the Negro people in the United States.

How To Use Documentary In A Sentence?

  • The best exposition of the history is the documentary material itself, and conversely.
  • But that it did so more than did Wales is unlikely, in view of documentary evidence.
  • The burden of race; a documentary history of Negro-white relations in America.
  • The winding road to freedom; a documentary survey of Negro experiences in America.
  • That there is no documentary evidence of such a treaty is mere negative evidence and of little importance.
  • Even if these traces did not remain there would be ample documentary evidence to prove that it had once existed.
  • One cannot help imagining that the riches of the establishment must be of a very theoretical and documentary character.
  • There are several blocks of text where the author quoted extensively from other documentary sources.
  • Imagine that you want to make a documentary and use a film clip that a student filmmaker has put up on his home page.
  • I shall now show by documentary evidence that the war did not break out through any action on the part of gold-mine proprietors.
  • Now there is an abundance of documentary evidence for our purpose; but recent criticism has shewn that not all is to be relied upon as authentic.
  • Miss Wheeler was very pressing in her demands for documentary excuses for his absence of the day before.
  • We want better records; we want documentary evidence recording cases before the arrival of news of the coincidence.
  • The unhappy mother may have documentary proof that she was betrayed under promise of marriage, but she is not allowed to produce her proof.
  • My limits do not permit me to follow Montgeron through the details and the documentary proof of these cures.
  • The protests of historians and the documentary evidence that they produce avail nothing: the work of the imagination resists everything.
  • Each of these cures, with the documentary evidence in support of it, occupies from fifty to one hundred pages of his book.
  • She was the one witness that the Crown could produce, now that he had destroyed the documentary evidence of his crime.
  • Can any of your readers inform me whether any documentary evidence exists that a lady Elphinstone had this extraordinary number of children?
  • They asked, as a matter of right and justice, that names and dates would be given, that documentary proofs would be produced.
  • And here I must be permitted to remark, that the documentary evidence adduced in this volume proves the history, and not the history the documents.
  • The documentary material of Maryland is very extensive, as the State has been fortunate in preserving most of its colonial records.
  • About this time, while in Chicago, Kidder came to me for conference with an armful of documentary evidence of skillful depredations.
  • Then came Manet who, forgetting composition, exalted the documentary freedom of Courbet and began the study of light.

Definition of Documentary

Of, related to, or based on documents. | Which serves to document (record and:or illustrate) a subject. | (of a film, book etc) Presented objectively without the insertion of fictional matter.
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