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  • There was something here that Dodo had not known and there was a dangerous sound about it.
  • And the ingenious Dodo felt herself unable to frame any reply to this very bald suggestion.
  • But the wish not to hurt Dodo became rather more pronounced in his poor fuddled brain.
  • But that would have done no good, and in her most introspective moments Dodo was always practical.
  • So the car drove off, with Dodo waving her hand as long as she could see her friends.
  • Waldenech felt that Dodo was behaving exactly as she used to behave at Zermatt.
  • Jack had nothing to say to this remarkable aspiration, and Dodo went out to join Edith.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Dodo | Dodo Sentence

  • To crocks of gold no dodo looks for food.
  • And then Dodo laughed at herself.
  • She found Dodo bending over her.
  • Again Dodo was the first with her criticism.
  • He was as much in love with Dodo as ever.
  • Nadine sat down in the chair from which Dodo had risen.
  • He could not doubt that it was this which Dodo meant.
  • But there was a certain obstinacy about Dodo that morning.
  • And Dodo nearly fell out of the surrey in her excitement.
  • Eventually Dodo could stand this harangue no longer.
  • Then before he could decide, Dodo came in.
  • And Dodo is sure one fine gal, too.
  • Then Dodo turned to Jack.
  • I know Aunt Dodo has a copy.
  • The telephone bell rang, and Dodo took up the ear-piece.
  • Wonderland meant, or what Aunt Dodo means.
  • I think Aunt Dodo believes he is a bishop still.
  • And forever after that, Dodo swore allegiance to Eleanor.
  • Perhaps Dodo is right, Mrs. Alexander.
  • Its habits were hardly better known than those of the dodo and solitaire.
  • Consequently Dodo found herself alone with an astonished physician.
  • This was too gross an inconsistency for even Dodo to pass over.
  • At that moment Dodo was making the great renunciation of her life.
  • She had a mother and Dodo must be the next nearest relative.
  • The hoarse clamor grew more and more vibrant and Dodo stopped her ears.
  • Nat and Dodo thought for a moment, and then said they never had.
  • Poor Dodo felt ashamed to have seemed selfish and interrupted unnecessarily.
  • This question the Dodo could not answer without a great deal of thought.
  • When Dodo did not feel equal to shouting back, she spoke in dumb show.
  • Upon which she sprang up and remorselessly kissed both Dodo and Jack.
  • I believe I have," said Dodo slowly.
  • You will have Dodo all to yourself when we get down to Osgood Hall.
  • At the moment the message came that Hugh received, and Dodo got up.

Definition of Dodo

(Nigeria) Fried plantain.
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