Dogged in a sentence

Definition of Dogged

stubbornly persevering, steadfast | simple past tense and past participle of dog | (dated, slang) very

Short Example Sentence for Dogged

  • 1. Fate had dogged him all his days.
  • 2. Failure had dogged him in everything he undertook.
  • 3. He sank in his chair in dogged dejection.
  • 4. But still the dogged spirit within him was undefeated.
  • 5. Now success in literature is only won in solitude and by dogged work.
  • 6. He had done it through sheer dogged determination that he would do it.
  • 7. The white man has dogged their footsteps as they themselves follow the deer.
  • 8. The dogged fool, to keep his nose on the grindstone like that.
  • 9. Grylls climbed in by the rear step, and sat next to Nell with a dogged air.
  • 10. As we crossed the Yser Canal we marched in a dogged and resolute silence.
  • 11. The little posse dogged the judge's party for some distance.

How to use Dogged in a Sentence?

  • 1. Kenneth decided that he was ill at ease and in a state of dogged self-repression.
  • 2. He attended to his duties with dogged persistence and in the evenings haunted the gymnasiums.
  • 3. It was the dogged indomitable drive of spiritual forces controlling bodily forces.
  • 4. Rina presented the mask-like face they had grown accustomed to, and maintained a dogged silence.
  • 5. Hickman spoke authoritatively, demanding full explanation, but she maintained a dogged silence.
  • 6. The Mexicans fought with dogged courage, however they may be judged from the events of the war.
  • 7. The second method, pursued by Martin, may be called the dogged or prosaic method.
  • 8. She entertained no suspicion that I was following her, although I dogged her movements everywhere.
  • 9. Marconi attacked the problem himself with the dogged persistence and the studious care so characteristic of him.
  • 10. He was hoeing the rows of potatoes with a sort of dogged determination to find interest in the work.
  • 11. It is all part of the perversity of the fate that dogged her, that her feeling should have met with that reverse.
  • 12. Hobbs dogged them at a safe distance while they sallied forth and in a neighboring street discovered an early-bird bakery.
  • 13. But he went from task to task that next day in a methodical, dogged fashion that was farthest of all from amiability.
  • 14. Famine-crazed men even dogged the steps of those of their comrades who were not quite wasted, threatening to kill and devour them.
  • 15. Hope and fear, joy and despair alternately possessed him, and in his darker hours the craving for drink dogged him.
  • 16. Under all this, my health was bad; my behaviour was dogged and provoking, and my temper became for a time insufferable.
  • 17. His eyes expressed self-will, perhaps obstinacy, and he had a peculiarly dogged manner of holding his head.
  • 18. Yet the sheer dogged instinct of self-preservation buoys him up, keeps him ever moving forward, anywhere so that it is only forward.
  • 19. Everywhere he went the Lark dogged his heels, listening intently to the orders which his superior gave him.
  • 20. Successful farming implies, first of all, steady and dogged hard work, coupled with prudent and watchful skill.
  • 21. Hope gone, faith gone, purpose gone, while the old craving for whisky dogged him at every step, what was there for him to do?
  • 22. The slow, dogged determination of the British cannot be more powerful than the resolution of the French.
  • 23. Grylls was the stronger; Garth contented himself with a dogged resistance, trusting to his better wind to serve him in the end.
  • 24. Even Johnston seemed infected with our spirit; but while we generally worked in dogged silence, he had ever a jest on his lips.
  • 25. The keeper, however, was of the dogged order of rustic, and doubtless lacking in imagination, for he remained patiently at his self-appointed post.
  • 26. They were a sober enough party now, oppressed with Danton's dogged attention to duty and with the maid's listless manner.
  • 27. Then Fate, the fate that had dogged his every step since first he ventured into the solitudes, closed up and crept at his heels.
  • 28. Kateegoose, in familiar parlance, spotted him at once, and dogged his steps through the Settlement, watching his opportunity for revenge.
  • 29. The Duke's Own sang lustily, with a dogged enjoyment that made little of the words.