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  • Nothing seems doing with them.
  • What they were doing he had no idea.
  • The doing of good and the doing of evil!
  • Nothing doing worth mention.
  • I was doing as they secretly desired.
  • By doing precisely that which he is said to have done.
  • We were doing this in play and never suspecting.
  • You will be doing me a great favour by remaining.
  • Little or nothing seems doing in Brazil as yet.
  • I went back and asked Lampton what he was doing now.
  • I wonder what Hubert is doing in London?
  • She's always doing the right thing.
  • I can't imagine him doing anything against his will.
  • He knew exactly what he wanted to do, and he looked forward to doing it.
  • And you mean by the word 'participation' a power of doing or suffering?
  • I don't mind doing that much for a shipwrecked sailor. . .
  • You and Mrs. Bentley will be doing me a great favour by remaining.
  • What are you doing here, in God's name? . . .

How To Use Doing In A Sentence?

  • But in the meantime you must not neglect your meals as you have been doing lately.
  • After we had finnished doing our shopping we went home to the hotel together.
  • Unless he is certain of doing as well, he will probably do best to follow the rules.
  • They had been doing some tall riding, and their livestock was simply unfit to go farther.
  • He fetched her shawl, and took her hand again in his, knowing that by so doing he made her happy.
  • So I must be poking along for four hours doing the distance that you could cover in two.
  • Mr. Phillips helped us in, and, while doing so, his glance fell on the rifle lying under the seat.
  • It had to be automatic, for she would have been far from doing me an injustice when in her right mind.
  • He was the last man in the world to accuse of saying or doing anything merely for the sake of effect.
  • And we can scarcely see how it could be possible to conceive a being more free than one who is capable of doing what he wills.
  • They knew their business chum had been doing some close calculating and they eagerly awaited his first word.
  • Do yer think the public would 'ave stood him doing masterpieces on the pavement?
  • Don't you see that by standing aside, by keeping apart, you are doing all the harm that you can?
  • I suppose you will find out something new the matter, for them two there have been doing so every day this two months.
  • I like him, sir, and if there is one thing you will never find me doing it is liking the wrong man.
  • And, as they are incapable of answering this question, we may as well reply for them, that being is the power of doing or suffering.
  • That certain precautions must be taken, and ceremonies used to prevent the evil spirits which keep about buried treasure from doing them any harm.
  • At last I made up my mind to boldly loaf through the bedroom with the air of a person who had not been doing anything.
  • But then I woke, and by doing so felt done out of that aspic of larks, which would have been a pleasant change from the fare of those days.
  • At first view, it certainly looks very much like doing evil; and it is not at once distinguishable from the temptations ascribed to Satanic agency.
  • But lest we should be suspected of doing this great metaphysician injustice, we must point out the means by which he has so grossly deceived himself.
  • Little by little I got acquainted with him, and pretty soon I was doing a lot of steering for him in his daylight watches.

Definition of Doing

present participle of do | A deed or action, especially when somebody is held responsible for it. | The sound made by an elastic object when struck by or striking a hard object.
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