Dolphins In A Sentence

Definition of Dolphins

plural of dolphin

How To Use Dolphins In A Sentence?

  • I wonder what the old Triton sitting on his shell with his dolphins around him thinks of this last show.
  • Two dolphins are occasionally borne together, sometimes endorsed, or back to back; sometimes respecting each other.
  • The composition is completed by two lateral niches for fountains, adorned with masks, tritons and dolphins of gilded lead.
  • These were pirates also: the dolphins carried them very safely, and seemed pleased with their burden, neighing like horses.
  • It was a rather imposing fountain, with a Neptune in bronze riding a seahorse, with nymphs on dolphins in attendance.
  • Large dolphins sometimes came to the surface, saluting the calm evening with a loud snort, and disappeared again with a slow, graceful movement.
  • The Dolphins and the Whales were at war with one another, and the Sprat stepped in and endeavored to separate them.
  • When they got near where he lay, they got out of their chariots, for they feared that the dolphins and other fishes might get bruised and hurt by the rocks and pebbles on the shore.
  • Around them dolphins were sporting in the water, and winged loves fluttering in the air, so admirably depicted, that the spectator might fancy he saw them in motion.
  • Well, the place had changed hands, and the new owner had carted it away with the cast-iron dogs and the dolphins and ploughed up the lawn to make an artichoke-bed.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Dolphins | Dolphins Sentence

  • The Dolphins bring them.
  • The Dolphins and the Sprat.
  • The playful dolphins went through their aquatic pantomime for our amusement.
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Dolphins in a sentence

Dolphins sentence

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