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  • The dome is covered with lead and on the spike that crowns it is a gilt crescent.
  • Immediately below the dome is the tomb of the man at whose word the world turned pale.
  • In the first picture in this book notice the beautiful dome and the great high stairs.
  • Sunlocks was insensible, and his piteous white face looked up at the heavy dome of the sky.
  • The azure vault of the firmament crowns the Earth with a dome of dazzling light.
  • Professor Koenig was little, his beard was grizzled, and the dome of his head was bald.
  • His dome was kind of flat, but he could handle one idea, in single harness, at a time.
  • The sudden gilding of the dome of the Invalides by Napoleon must have been something like it.
  • This monument is intended as a weathercock to crown the new dome of the Capitol at Washington.
  • It was the dome of the observatory, exactly opposite on the other side of Grand Square.
  • And it was crowned by a dome of lapis lazuli, bluer than the South Pacific under a melting sun!
  • Like lightning's flash, nor stop until we spy St. Stephen's dome from out the darkness peer.
  • The other suggested that they should be tied to the clapper in the great iron bell that hung in a dome on the roof.
  • A fringe of scant hair retreated respectfully from the unadorned dome which crowned his personal edifice.
  • Overhead the sky, arched in a cloudless dome of blue, was reflected in the turquoise depths of the water.
  • The water is beautifully bright and fresh, and the quaint dome among the lonely sands is regarded with some awe and reverence.
  • The dome is rich with beaten gold, and the dado is of very fine tiles, which produce a striking effect.
  • They reported the condition of the body to the king, who ordered the Dome to state the weapon with which he killed him.
  • The round dome over the Sepulchre was hidden behind the city's wall and the intervening houses.
  • Overhead it was roofed with an oblong dome of levium, through which rose four great metallic chimneys, placed above the mighty engines.
  • After receiving his stripes, the Dome returned home, and gathered the shreds of his property together.
  • The twin peaks of Montepueblo covered with perpetual snow, seemed to support the heavens as do the pillars the dome of the capitol.
  • In principle it consists of an enclosed brick furnace, with feeding door, and a low conical dome surmounted by an adjustable cap or spark-arrester.
  • A sufficiently heavy ball (28 kilograms, about 60 pounds) is suspended from the dome of the edifice by an excessively fine steel thread.
  • Minarets shot up above the numerous flat roofs, and above all flashed the pride of the city, the green dome that covered the tomb of Mohammed.
  • The dome of St. Paul's just floated into view on the left against the hotel facade.
  • Looking out from the promenade under the dome they saw the Ferris Wheel, upon which they gazed with a good deal of interest.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Dome | Dome Sentence

  • Look at that great dome and the shining sky.
  • He watched the overturning dome until his senses reeled.
  • A dome of looking-glass reflects the tesselated floor.
  • Lifts not the Heaven its dome above?
  • The dome of Thought, the palace of the soul.
  • He rubbed his huge bald dome and looked all round again before speaking.
  • Above the ring the roof rose into a dome where the players pitched the coins.
  • It was a wild shriek that seemed to echo in the lowering dome of the sky.
  • The earth lay almost in its nakedness beneath the inane dome of the sky.
  • The glass dome over the engine-room was amidships, abaft the funnel.
  • From the dome we had a splendid view of the Metropolis of the world.
  • In romantic mood, a castle lifts its towers into the blue dome of heaven.
  • The king sentenced the Dome to be beaten and driven from the village.

Definition of Dome

(transitive) To give a domed shape to. | (transitive, US, African American Vernacular, colloquial, slang) To perform fellatio on. | (architecture) a structural element resembling the hollow upper half of a sphere; a cupola
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