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  • It dominated the whole home-life.
  • The angel in the man had dominated them also.
  • Maria dominated her, although she did not herself know it.
  • Then it dominated both, and its music lessened.
  • Dominated, swept away by his theme, he dominated others.
  • Why should we in this age of the world be dominated by the dead?
  • Our intrenchments were dominated almost throughout by the Turks.
  • The American insurance market was dominated by the English companies.

How To Use Dominated In A Sentence?

  • Gone was the arrogant poise of the head which for forty years had dominated boards of directors.
  • Is there any trace in his later years, of the selfish ambition which earlier dominated him?
  • Not at the circumstances, but at finding at last this weak spot in the man who had dominated him.
  • Throughout, and on both sides, the guns were the factor which dominated the tactics of the fight.
  • For the first time in her life Nancy was dominated by a will that was stronger than her own.
  • You, the last of a line of men, who for a hundred years have dominated the finances of a nation!
  • Then I came in sight of a town of considerable size, dominated by a lofty square tower.
  • The American financial world was already completely dominated by the Morgan trust.
  • For more than a century and a half the landed interests had dominated the social and political arena.
  • Here he seemed so thoroughly in accord with the air of masculine and cultivated refinement which dominated the atmosphere.
  • He did not know what she could be feeling; the fact that dominated in his own mind was that her guardian had made her weep.
  • The buildings are dominated most effectively by the great pile of the college chapel 97 feet from roof to floor.
  • Impulse and inclination dominated her, and she would indulge many primitive instincts without a thought of conventions.
  • John dreaded to disappoint him, yet stronger and stronger grew the call of that inner voice which now all but dominated him.
  • Everybody wanted to hear his stories, and with this fresh audience to stimulate him, he dominated the scene.
  • Were not the soul originally possessed of and dominated by the idea of good, it could never discern it elsewhere.
  • However great her fascination, it is really she, after all, who is dominated by mysterious and invisible forces.
  • He relapsed into moody silence, and a new expression grew in his eyes till it even dominated that which had shone in them before.
  • But he listened imperturbably to what was said of him, dominated by a feeling of burning, all-subduing curiosity.
  • And it was dominated by a pair of very small, very bright green eyes, set deep and exceedingly close together.
  • That seemed to be the idea which dominated the Tibetans in this matter, and perhaps it was a sound one.
  • Her image presided at every council, at every conflict of my mind, and dominated every faculty of my senses.
  • Triumphant and colossal, treading the air securely above the shop, the glittering shoe dominated the street with the insolence of success.
  • While in theory she despised discretion, she realized that the virtue she despised, not the theory she admired, had dominated her life.
  • Theirs was the spirit which dominated the entire Force and which made it possible to accomplish what seemed at times to be almost the impossible.
  • A long, wide, dimly-lit room met their eyes, and in its middle the remains of a great mass of apparatus that had dominated it.
  • This prepossession dominated all professional naval minds in all countries, until the outbreak of the Great War.
  • That striking picture dominated a massive mahogany desk, and, in front of this desk, a very roomy, tall-backed armchair of dark green velvet.
  • He had seen from the start that she was dominated by terror, as the kidnapers had intended she should be: and seeing this had recognized her as a negligible factor.
  • The fundamental assumption of natural magic is that the universe as a whole and each component part of it is dominated by an indwelling spirit with whom it is possible for the magician to get into communication.
  • She dominated whatever company she was in, and the most frivolous things she said carried weight and made people listen because of the way she said them.
  • For awhile the figure of Margaret, remote, wounded, shamed, dominated my mind, and the thought of my immense ingratitude.

Definition of Dominated

simple past tense and past participle of dominate
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