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  • El domingo perdí seis reales...
  • Era un domingo de fines de febrero.
  • Piccolo Domingo expedition has failed.
  • En fin, veremos si el domingo esto se anima.
  • Castillo, Domingo de, 26.
  • There was in Domingo a man named Baca.
  • Capote, Domingo Menendez.
  • The convent of Santo Domingo is very rich.
  • Germany and San Domingo abstained from voting.
  • Matei domingo quatro coelhos, junto ao ribeiro do Luche.
  • Santo Domingo drinking vessels 410 Fig.
  • Mrs. Domingo Leoncio, 68.
  • He was succeeded by D. Domingo Hernani.
  • The steeple of Santo Domingo is the loftiest in all Lima.
  • Together occupying the island Santo Domingo or Haiti.
  • De Ruiz, Domingo Leoncio, 68.
  • But his satisfaction in being in San Domingo ended with that.
  • This was shown in the treatment of the Santo Domingo question.
  • Like its companion work of art the Santo Domingo suffers from its situation.
  • Carranza, Domingo Gonzales, book on West Indies, II, 37.
  • The author alludes to Father Domingo Vilancio, who died in 1634.
  • We agreed to turn over to the San Domingo Government forty-five per cent.
  • On the 2nd of January, 1688, the island of San Domingo came in sight.
  • Given in the convent of Santo Domingo at Manila, January 1, 92.
  • Santo Domingo See HISPANIOLA.

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  • A few years ago we were talking about the annexation of Santo Domingo to this country.
  • Because they did not flee with him, father Fray Domingo endeavored to win them over.
  • Era costumbre de Godfrey ocupar la tarde del domingo en un paseo de agricultura contemplativa.
  • During 1802 large armaments sailed to San Domingo and began the process of reconquest.
  • Piccolo Domingo must either surrender the American alive, or give him to us dead.
  • The European creditors of Santo Domingo were pressing for the recognition of their claims.
  • It was a twisted arrow, and when father Fray Domingo pulled on it, the wound became worse.
  • The caravel which broke her mast in starting from Santo Domingo has arrived in the Algarves.
  • Her writing-desk, a huge affair, of ancient and almost black San Domingo mahogany.
  • At any other time the action of Spain in St. Domingo would create a cry for war.
  • The definite loss of Santo Domingo to Spain caused also a great change in ecclesiastical affairs.
  • In 1790 the commerce of San Domingo surpassed that of all the British Islands together.
  • One series of letters was written while a member of the U. S. St. Domingo Expedition.
  • Ozama River, building bridge over, at Santo Domingo City by American citizens, 124.
  • It was the color of old Domingo mahogany, and showed off the contour of his fine round head with excellent effect.
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