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How To Use Domino In A Sentence?

  • I could not doubt, that the domino would report to his employer the events of the evening.
  • The black domino made an angry gesture; it was interrupted by a blue domino who approached them.
  • The costume was a domino made of strips of colored silks with a big hood lined with pale yellow.
  • I like to know who people are, and the person in the silver domino seemed well-informed.
  • He wore his broad- brimmed hat, but removed his domino as he came upon the stage.
  • A grotesquely majestic stranger, in a domino and false nose, with goggles, appears at the window.
  • The black domino stood beside the Spaniard, apparently waiting for him to renew the conversation.
  • Ah satis, ah nimis est: noli ultra ferre magistrum, Et lucro domino turpia colla dare.
  • Avenionensis illustrissimo principi domino Dalphino Viennensi domini Francorum Regis filio.
  • The domino and the shepherdess tossed off the punch as if it were champagne, although it was scalding hot.
  • The marble tables were crowded with domino and card players, each sipping at intervals his favorite tipple.
  • She sat on a divan between two domino parties, and was hardly noticed by the fanatics of that bony diversion.
  • I think the best plan is to wear a domino and mask, as we go in with you ladies, so that you may not be recognized.
  • The gray domino made no reply, but one could see from her nervous movements that she could hardly restrain her wrath.
  • It occurred to me that you might have won a black domino at the masked ball they gave, the Wohenhoffens.
  • And the domino hurled her stick of candy at Chamoureau's legs and angrily turned her back on him.
  • Avoid priggishness, which is detestable mental dry-rot; and flee from cant, the convenient domino of hypocrisy.
  • As soon as she was in the cab, she took another veil, which was as thick and dark as a domino mask, out of her pocket, and put it on.
  • Then the sentries let the white domino pass unchallenged, out of consideration for a Prince of Wales who does not exist?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Domino | Domino Sentence

  • The black domino was gone.
  • The black domino laughed with ruefulness.
  • And the pearl-gray domino disappeared with her companion.
  • The lady wore a white domino and a black mask.
  • Et laudes domino per te semper tribuantur.
  • Confitemini Domino quoniam bonus.
  • Valentie pro reverendo in Xpisto patre & domino dom.
  • A white domino the Prince of Wales?
  • In mulierem Canaanaeam cum Domino decertantem.
  • For that evening the most important detail was the domino and not the dress.
  • Chamoureau took his stand in front of the domino and gazed amorously at her.
  • Ah! there goes a domino who looked into the very whites of my eyes.
  • One ought to muffle oneself in a domino if one wanted to be unrecognised.
  • The domino was simple and shabby, and the shoes were not elegant.
  • Why, man, it was a domino which the old duck had managed to gorge itself with.
  • Charlie came in with Francesca, who at the door doffed her domino and mask.
  • Returning from a masquerade, a domino over his arm, stood Falconer.
  • Statuta Ordinis Cartusiensis a domino Guigone Priore Cartusiense.
  • The blue domino pressed Oliva's arm, who thereupon bowed an assent.
  • Facta postmodum de praemissis Sanctissimo Domino Nostro Pio Papae IX.
  • The blue domino took possession of Oliva's arm, left at liberty by Beausire.

Definition of Domino

(intransitive) To collapse in the manner of dominoes. | (transitive) To cause to collapse in the manner of dominoes. | (dominoes) A tile divided into two squares, each having 0 to 6 (or sometimes more) dots or pips (as in dice), used in the game of dominoes. [from c. 1800]
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