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  • I knows where your donkey is.
  • When the donkey trots we are more equal.
  • Yes, there had been a donkey there.
  • My donkey had followed its boy long before.
  • If a donkey is forced off the track it goes down at once.
  • A horse or donkey was hitched to the mill to turn it.
  • By the side of the donkey walked a boy in buttons.
  • The road was dusty, and my donkey and I were thirsty.
  • In fact, rather than do so, I would let the donkey go.
  • He seized the donkey and threw it over the wall of the park.
  • He stole cautiously to the place where the donkey and cart stood.
  • I mentioned the fellow who had swindled him of his donkey upon the road.
  • Then a story of a donkey who had kicked a youth in the chest and killed him.
  • Meanwhile, a female donkey was likewise grazing in the neighbourhood.
  • You shall have the finest donkey to ride that is in Unyanyembe.
  • Settin' on a donkey bearin' a lantern, he looked to me like an angel.
  • The donkey lashed out, narrowly missing Billy's shins.
  • And my donkey stuck its four feet in the ground and wouldn't budge.
  • If I had a donkey what wouldn't go.".

How To Use Donkey In A Sentence?

  • At length the evolutions arrived at a state that found the donkey in the shafts.
  • A horse or a camel or a donkey is used for passengers and the camel caravan is a freight train.
  • Nobody will harm you, in your disguise, and your donkey is even more surefooted than my mules.
  • After unharnessing her donkey and adjusting her person a little, she came and sat down by us.
  • If ever any one person made a grimace at another, that donkey made a grimace at me.
  • And in a few seconds Billy was galloping away as fast as the donkey could carry him.
  • A merchant named Kappaka had a donkey which he used to carry goods from place to place.
  • Asked to describe the Deity, a donkey would represent him with long ears and a tail.
  • The yak and donkey drivers were Tibetans, as also were many of the hospital ambulance carriers.
  • I estimated that if a donkey could carry to Unyanyembe a load of four frasilahs, or 140 lbs.
  • The man went back to look, and the Imp ran alongside him, asking him for work as a donkey boy.
  • The donkey on which he had for years ridden to and fro with letters, was as carefully depicted by the painter as his rider.
  • The donkey had two regular danseuses, but the cow had to content herself with the court librarian and the apothecary.
  • The woman and the donkey were now upon the plain, and for some time were concealed from us by the copse and brushwood which intervened.
  • Chowpereh was dragging on the rope with all his might, but to no use, for the donkey sank, and we saw no more of him.
  • He roared mightily at the substitution of horses for oxen; he openly scoffed at donkey engines, and would have none of them.
  • He was considerably puzzled as to how Billy had contrived to reach home with the donkey without passing him on the road.
  • Upon which, up he got, and stumbled over to the dancers, requesting them to give their opinion as to whether his neighbor was a donkey or not.
  • Horses and mules are very beautiful in form, but extremely small; so are the cows and oxen, which are not larger than a fine donkey is with us.
  • We got the donkey across with the aid of a mganga, or medicine man, who spat some chewed leaves of a tree which grows close to the stream over him.
  • A couple of miles out of the city we overtook a donkey ridden by two peasants, heavy men, who challenged us to a trial of speed.

Definition of Donkey

a domestic animal, Equus asinus asinus, similar to a horse | a stubborn person | a fool
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