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  • No more oppressive Dons for us!
  • He is at Marmion, where the dons watch over him.
  • I never can understand why the dons are so indulgent to ragging.
  • The dons went very gingerly with him over bits of science and history.
  • Half a dozen dons sat round the great tables, ranged in a square.
  • Je ne demande pas les dons brillants de messieurs les mollusques.
  • The hostess dons a handsome reception gown, never an evening dress.
  • He blithely accepts the condition and dons the French cockade.
  • Do not my dons know me because I'm poor in clothes?
  • He is conducted to an apartment, takes a bath, and dons the suit of stripes.
  • If a lady dons a gentleman's hat, it is a sign that she wants a kiss.
  • Je saurai bien faire en sorte qu'elle se passe de vos dons dans le tombeau.

How To Use Dons In A Sentence?

  • It is a dark suit of this civilian dress that Billy dons as he emerges from the blankets.
  • The Dons rather encourage it, because it makes them feel youthful and bucks them up.
  • Si vous saviez quels dons de froide analyse se cachent souvent derrière nos pires enthousiasmes...
  • The Dons don't confide in me, and I don't see things from their angle, as my father says.
  • He watched some dons who were peeping into an excavation, and throwing up their hands with humorous gestures of despair.
  • I do not remember that we ever lifted our criticism to the dons and the organisation of the University.
  • We looked with shining eyes at one another and at the various dons who had dropped in and were striving to maintain a front of judicious severity.
  • The dons leave others to cut up their meat for them, and think it condescension enough if they open their mouths to eat it!
  • The groans grew louder, and the dons turned round and looked down the hall from their seats at the high tables.
  • In a moment he transmigrates, dons the required character, and with moonstruck philosophy justifies the act in question.
  • Let every man and boy of you do your best, and we'll yet give the Dons the slip.
  • The most curious thing about this ri?1/2gime of the old-time Dons was the way in which it persisted.
  • Ha, ha!" laughs he, and dons that unlovely but priceless gadget, his box-respirator.
  • He told them what he had gathered from the sea captains, and others, as to the articles with which the Dons traded with the natives.
  • As the spring comes on, Atkins changes his scarlet for lighter garments, and dons the summer helmet.
  • On Sundays and occasions of state he dons the black cloth and white choker of an orthodox clergyman; but even then he avoids boots.
  • Among dons he was esteemed a philosopher, but his philosophy did not prevent him from being an eminently practical Head Master.
  • Indeed everything done by the Dons was characterized by much formality and ceremony, the custom of which had been brought over from Spain.
  • It is always said that the Dons have nothing to do but to read and sip their wine, and I am glad to see it all for myself.
  • Horses were in demand, as there were manoeuvres going on in Blenheim Park, and the minds of both dons and undergraduates were drawn thither.
  • The sailors, however, had by this time become so accustomed to victory as to despise the Dons altogether, and insisted upon going forward.
  • En un clin d'oeil, les dons affluaient de toutes parts, de la France et des colonies.
  • But before they reached the fountain a little party of dons who had been apprised of what was going on came running down the steps of the hall towards the struggling and swaying mass.
  • I said I had got to get back to be coached; I said that one of our dons was staying in the village and had his eye on me.
  • On prépare la cérémonie funèbre, on apporte les ornements et les dons qui doivent être déposés avec Alceste dans le tombeau.
  • On this night Mr. Redmayne was in the chair, at the end of a long table; eight or ten dons were present.

Definition of Dons

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of don | plural of don | plural of dom (title of Portuguese and Brazilian nobility)
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