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  • A single unlocked door separates her from him.
  • We shall know it the minute he opens a door on that floor.
  • He opened my door while I was practising.
  • As I went out at the door I looked after him again.
  • But in the midst there was a great knocking at the door downstairs.
  • He came to the dressing-room door and presented me with a telegram.
  • I was aiming for the left-hand door because it was furthest from my wife.
  • I remained myself, and he, all himself, opened the door and came in.
  • At the stage door they smiled painfully, nodded, glad to part.
  • By way of additional precaution Beldi closed this door also.
  • A jaded, melancholy man of fifty, barefooted, opened the door to me.

How To Use Door In A Sentence?

  • Elinor had her key in the door and she flung it open on an unlighted interior as she spoke.
  • Patricia went as far as the green entrance door with her and kissed her warmly.
  • They opened one door after the other, but only found empty rooms with no further outlets.
  • When he reached the door he hesitated, and climbed the stairs and shook hands good-by once more.
  • But Davy was off in the moonlight before the door could be opened into our house.
  • As she closed the door of the sitting-room behind her, she could not resist a prance of joy.
  • He was standing thus when the door of the National opened and three persons came out.
  • I drank it off, and was just about to make a rush at the door when Clo stopped me.
  • At the door of their own apartment Patricia stood quite still with a rather blank expression.
  • But for poor, vagabond Unitarian ministers like me, the place behind the door is good enough.
  • Patricia found the room and opened the door with a sense of relief at finding a shelter for her wounded feelings.
  • Facing the entrance was a door leading to a balcony, commanding a panorama of the snow-capped mountains.
  • They had left the door of the room leading into the corridor wide open to allow a free current of air.
  • I found my small friend's door very easily, and turned the key to admit myself.
  • Patricia watched the three figures walking briskly down the street, and she closed the door with a little bang.
  • At precisely a quarter past eleven the door opened wide, and up came a gentleman in a white waistcoat.
  • Davy did not answer here, for the parlor door opened, and my mother appeared, benign and hospitable.
  • I came at length to the toll-gate, and returned, braced for any adventure, to the door of my own home.
  • In her dreamy state the lady fancied she had got up and bolted the door; but this was a delusion, the door remained ajar.
  • Then a little dim street caught his eye, and he knocked at the door of the first house exhibiting a card in the parlour window.
  • He had left orders that he was not to be disturbed; and was annoyed when the door opened and Emily entered.
  • I went into the bath-room one morning to make my toilet, and carelessly left the door two or three inches ajar.
  • The passage was very narrow, but lightsome, for a door was open at the end, peeping into a lawny kind of yard.
  • Only when the sun had set would it arise with an angry roar, shake the door of its cage, and terrify the silence of the night.
  • He went on and tried it, and sure enough he fetched me up at the door on the very side that he had said I would be.
  • I was not mistaken; some one opened the door by which we had entered, gustily, violently, and drew my companion away.
  • She called him; he still hesitated, and then, yielding to a sudden desire, she went down the passage and knocked at the door of the room.
  • She stared so long with the door in her hand, this time, that I rushed past her and ran up the stairs.
  • To avoid commiseration of heartless friends and the triumphant glances of literary enemies, Hubert passed through the door leading on to the stage.

Definition of Door

(transitive, cycling) To cause a collision by opening the door of a vehicle in front of an oncoming cyclist or pedestrian. | A portal of entry into a building, room, or vehicle, consisting of a rigid plane movable on a hinge. Doors are frequently made of wood or metal. May have a handle to help open and close, a latch to hold the door closed, and a lock that ensures the door cannot be opened without the key. | Any flap, etc. that opens like a door.
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