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  • I suggested to him to sleep and to take food and to reduce the cocaine dose by a fourth.
  • These reductions of the dose were made a week apart and sometimes only two days.
  • The aunt then gave her a dose of worldly wisdom, which made the girl shrink into herself.
  • Here is a man who, we assume, is under the influence of a poisonous dose of morphine.
  • Many among the upper classes take it daily, the dose being a grain to a grain and a half.
  • He took a dose for himself, and gave one also to his wife, as she too suffered from sleeplessness.
  • The landlord, like a true story-teller, doubled the dose when he saw how it operated.
  • Chloroform's another matter; when you've used it on others, you know the dose to a nicety.
  • Yet here the physician has to adjust the prescribed dose of outing very carefully to the special case.
  • Your information amounts to this: that a certain person has taken a poisonous dose of morphine and apparently recovered.
  • We took her to her wagon and gave her a strong dose of brandy and water, and presently she fell into heavy sleep.
  • And the taste of a nauseous dose from a black bottle was in her mouth, and another dose loomed an hour ahead.
  • For the sake of the agony of friends my noble patient accepted one severe dose of medicine and one ration of predigested food.
  • It was very like morphine poisoning; and, if it was morphine, it was no common, medicinal dose that had been given.
  • The effect is usually produced in two hours, and lasts four or five; the dose varies from three grains to a drachm.
  • On the following morning, a similar dose is given, and two hours after, two ounces of castor oil are administered.
  • This dose was given every evening for eight days, and gradually increased or diminished, so as to procure three stools per diem.
  • The dose of permanganate that I had given was enough to neutralize any reasonable quantity of the poison that might yet remain in the stomach.
  • As the years went on, my faith in remedies did not increase; but I had to dose to meet the superstitious needs of the people.
  • Lord Morris knew something of medicine, as he did of most things, and asked if the dose given would not have killed the devil himself.
  • Wallenstein proved inconsolable, until Denby, coming ashore, confessed to the dose of essence of mustard.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Dose | Dose Sentence

  • You know what a dose of salts is then?
  • I used to dose you down to your ears.
  • Twas no sweet dose to swallow.
  • A dose of the law courts will do you no harm.
  • With full description of the dose to each single case.
  • The dose in that form surely would be drastic.
  • He however was at last induced to take a dose of calomel.
  • This dose of Economy is rather too strong for once.
  • He tried to give him a small dose of Bestenese faith.
  • I wish I could get just a small dose of his piety.
  • Diese Dose war aus Aluminium gearbeitet.
  • Suppose Mr. Weiss to have given a large dose of morphine.
  • A minute later she repeated the dose and lay down on the bed.
  • Evidently that lump of sugar contained a very large dose of the poison.
  • She was then informed that such a dose would be cruel even to a horse.
  • The ordinary medicinal dose of strophanthin is one five-hundredth of a grain.
  • I know bot' of dose coolies a long, long time.
  • Perhaps I'd better give you a dose now.
  • Ja, das war sie, die Dose des Vorsitzenden vom Weldon-Institut.

Definition of Dose

(transitive) To administer a dose to. | To prescribe a dose. | A measured portion of medicine taken at any one time.
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