Dotting In A Sentence

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  • He is dotting down figures.
  • Wood haulers are dotting the river.
  • Large, damp snowflakes were drifting down, dotting her red mittens.

How To Use Dotting In A Sentence?

  • Its houses were set hit-and-miss, thickly dotting the prairie around its main street.
  • The dotting of trees over the ground or of specimen shrubs on a lawn is destructive of all breadth of effect.
  • Particular attention should be devoted to the finish of some of the small letters, such as the dotting of the i, or crossing of the t.
  • The silver thimbles, dotting a porcelain stand covered with a glass shade, had an especial attraction for her.
  • Above the heads of the moving masses shells began to burst, dotting the air with smoke-balls and the ground with bodies.
  • Everyone passing through the Strip stopped to look at the many small fields and a few large ones dotting the prairie.
  • Sir George had worn the red coat, but he was never anxious to have it picturesquely dotting a country-side, when other measures were possible.
  • The towering wall of the great dam, with its dotting of workmen silhouetted black against the blue of the Colorado sky, rose high on the left.
  • Here and there, in the midst of trees and pastures, lay tiny white villages, dotting the coast-line far away, like white flowers in the grass.
  • When they got near the Southern end of the island they began to notice white caps to the Southward, dotting the darkness of the sea.
  • Its front wall was of the naked brick, through which the moisture had crept, dotting it every here and there with large water-stains and blotches of mold.
  • This great herd of course was not a solid mass of buffaloes; it consisted of innumerable bands of every size, dotting the prairie within the limits given.
  • Scattered among the great trees and bushes that margined the noble river, the white wagon-tents of these strange people might be discerned dotting the landscape for the space of a mile and a half and more.

Definition of Dotting

present participle of dot | A dotted pattern; a speckling.
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