Downcast In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Downcast | Downcast Sentence

  • I am downcast by sadness.
  • And with downcast eyes she withdrew.
  • And he had been much downcast when she had refused him.
  • Elinor did not raise her downcast eyes.
  • Tom looked dreadfully downcast and frightened.
  • Did not my downcast eyes show you surprised me?
  • He was looking into her downcast face as he said this.
  • She trembled as she approached him with downcast eyes.
  • I then rode away downcast and wretched.
  • The girl stood with downcast eyes.
  • Her eyes were downcast and her cheeks suffused.
  • Mona asked, with downcast eyes.
  • Karen had kept her troubled eyes on his downcast face.
  • A downcast silence seemed the safest policy after all.
  • Donatus stood in the door-way with downcast eyes.
  • And the man was downcast for he would have chased hares.
  • The old woman related the scene with downcast head.
  • Zdena walks quickly, with downcast eyes.
  • With downcast eyes the five girls responded to the command.
  • His downcast gaze fell upon the yellow envelope.
  • The young girl listened with a saddened and downcast look.
  • Eleanor was a little time silent, with downcast eyes.
  • Leighton caught sight of the poor, downcast student.
  • He left at once, and drove home in a downcast mood.
  • He stopped, and she sat downcast and strikingly still.
  • He remained mute for some minutes, and with downcast eyes.
  • He laughed a little, kissing her downcast face.
  • But his humble, downcast looks soon spoke for him.
  • She sat with downcast eyes, her color varying fitfully.
  • He stood with downcast eyes, swaying a little unsteadily.
  • The Indians were utterly downcast over their defeat.
  • Dan Baxter felt particularly downcast and desperate.
  • Oh thou whose downcast eyes refuse to seek See!
  • And Miss Martin smiled into the downcast face.
  • But Little Billy seemed not so downcast as the bosun.

How To Use Downcast In A Sentence?

  • She turned with downcast eyes towards Eustace Trevor.
  • But Miao Shan only listened in silence with downcast eyes.
  • Beebee's eyes were downcast now.
  • Noll stood before him with downcast eyes and a trembling lip.
  • She was knotting her veil and her eyes were downcast when she answered him.

Definition of Downcast

(of eyes) Looking downwards. | (of a person) Feeling despondent. | (transitive, obsolete) To cast or throw down; to turn downward.
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